Exposing Geoengineering

After the Interview:
Wigington has spent his retirement money warning the public about what is going on with climate engineering.  He has zero monetization or advertising on his website GeoEngineeringWatch.org.  He says he does not want to taint the site or the scientific data on it.  If you would like to support Dane Wigington’s work, you can donate by clicking here.

If you would like to see how some state legislatures, such as Rhode Island, are taking on this issue, click here.  You can also find a tremendous amount of scientific proof and information on GeoEngineeringWatch.org. 

If you are searching the internet to do your own research, Wigington says do not use the search term “chemtrails” because you will get conspiracy disinformation and not pure scientific information.  Wigington suggests you use scientific terms such as “geoengineering,” “climate engineering” or “solar radiation management.”


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