Oxidative Stress: The Link Between Autism, Vaccines, Glyphosate, Gender-Related Susceptibility and Lack of Breast Feeding

Oxidative stress is strongly linked to late-onset autism. OS is caused by (among other things) physical and psychological stress, glyphosate, aluminum and mercury in vaccines, aluminum in baby formula, aluminum cookware, aluminum lake food coloring, aluminum leavening, aluminum beverage cans etc.  A synergistic combination of these factors with a deficiency of glutathione in children may result in autism.   Natural birth, breast feeding, genital integrity, reduction of stress levels, avoidance of multiple simultaneous vaccinations and pointless vaccinations (like flu and HepB in children), real food and enhanced intake of antioxidants, especially vitamin D, would seem to be preventative.   An honest medical profession would also be helpful.  Why aren’t they screening children for glutathione deficiency before vaccination?  (see the first 2 links)  Why should we trust such a system at all?   Does your doctor even know what’s in the shots?  He’s in the same boat as we are: acting on the promises of  financially-conflicted strangers with a known history of deception.

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