Berlin Alarmed by Aggressive NATO Stance on Ukraine

General Breedlove is the real life counterpart to General Jack D. Ripper in the 1964 film, Dr. Strangelove.  He can’t wait to start a nuclear war. Americans should be scared to death that a crazed warmonger such as General Breedlove is the commander of NATO and is trying to defeat Europe’s efforts to resolve peacefully the conflict that Washington started in Ukraine.  The crazed general is betting that if he can derail the Minsk agreement, Obama can be forced to send arms and US military personnel to Ukraine, thus advancing the situation toward war. Neoconservative Victoria Nuland is doing all she can to help Breedlove sabotage a peaceful resolution.

In the article below, the German magazine Spiegel expresses the German government’s concern that the US military/neoconservative alliance is undermining a peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian conflict…..

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