Aluminum in baby formula and vaccines

Aluminum, aluminum everywhere… in the sky, in the water, in the land… and now,

Toxic aluminum found in baby formula

BMC Pediatrics tested 30 baby formulas in the UK for aluminum. All 30 were contaminated with aluminum and no progress had been made in reducing aluminum from the baby formula. Some formulas had 100 times more aluminum than what is found in breast milk. The author suggested that regulatory and other non-voluntary methods are needed to reduce the aluminum content in baby formula. Previous research has linked aluminum to neurological diseases, bone defects and dementia in later life.

An article published in Pediatrics reviewed the aluminum in soy milk sold in the United States. They found that breast milk contains 4 – 65 ng/mL of aluminum while soy formula contained 600 – 1300 ng/ml. In addition, they discovered that mineral salts, used in formula production, were the source of the aluminum.

Read the full article at Aluminum in baby formula and vaccines | Natural Health 365.

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