Palast: Greece Is a Crime Scene, and Vulture Funds Are to Blame

… I’ve been investigating the causes of Greece’s collapse; it’s a crime scene; it’s not something that was a matter of Greeks living beyond their means or being lazy, olive pit-spewing slackers, as the Germans would have it. In fact, I actually looked it up: The average Greek worker works 400 hours more a year than the average German worker. It’s a hard-working nation. In fact, I think Greeks are harder on themselves than even the Germans are. It’s a hard-working nation, a successful nation, and what happened was your economy was stolen from you…

… as my fellow economists Paul Krugman and Joe Stiglitz have noted, the austerity programs are like medieval bloodletting. If you’re sick, they would drain the blood from you, and if you didn’t get better, they would say “oh, the problem is that we didn’t drain enough blood” and they would bleed you some more. That’s how austerity works.

No one has yet beaten Keynes’ formula, which is that when there’s no demand for products, your economy is going to fall apart. Rebuilding demand is the opposite of austerity. This is when you need to borrow; this is when you need to go into deficit. This is when you need to devalue your currency so you can once again export. But you are chained like a prison sentence to the Deutsche mark, which is called the euro right now. You are forced to accept Germany’s currency, which makes Greece and its exports overpriced…

The same scam-storm is coming to the USA, especially when they tie the new “dollar” (or whatever they decide to call it) to the IMF’s SDR.   The looting has been breathtaking.    In 30 years the US has been brought its knees economically, drained of its industrial infrastructure,  puppeteered by satanic nazis (the powers behind the democratic facade) into enforcing their horror worldwide, and is currently being led into WWIII against russia and china (the latter country was made into a credible economic power by the same interests).  Washington is controlled by the same predators that have been feasting on latin america for decades.   See “The Open Veins of Latin America” at

Exposing 9/11 is our most potent weapon.  But of course that’s not a topic of polite discussion for fear of being called a conspiracy theorist.   And so we are led to the slaughter like the sheep that we are.

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