NSA: The Eye of Sauron Prepares for New Leaks

Given the NSA’s technical prowess and long-standing willingness  to violate the 4th amendment long before 9/11


it’s implausible that they were unaware of the trafficking of mk-ultra brainwashed children by US intelligence agencies for the purpose of prostitution and blackmail of high level US and foreign officials.   They also certainly know that high level officials of the bush W admin and pentagon were involved in 9/11, in fact they probably had real-time intelligence on the operation and chose to conceal it.   What else could the NSA be but the eye of Sauron?


The National Security Agency, still reeling from massive leaks caused by Edward Snowden, is preparing to be hit with another major loss of secrets, according to U.S. intelligence officials.

The leaks are expected to be published in the near future by a news outlet that was not further identified by the officials familiar with details of the compromise. The NSA is aware of the news outlet’s forthcoming disclosures and is taking steps to try and minimize any damage they will cause.

According to the officials, the latest NSA disclosure of secrets is not the result of an insider stealing documents, as occurred in the case of fugitive NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

Instead, the leaks will reveal certain NSA technical cyber intelligence gathering capabilities. The officials did not provide details about the leaks.

Certain techniques used by the NSA in cyber operations became known to technicians at a non-U.S. cyber security firm operating from Mexico. The company then contacted a news outlet with the details it uncovered.

A report detailing the breach could be made public as early as this weekend….