5 Places where it’s inappropriate to breast feed

Exactly when and where is it okay to breastfeed your infant? This question has been on the minds of concerned Americans lately as mothers continue to recklessly feed their hungry babies when and where they want without asking anyone’s permission first.

With more and more women unabashedly placing the health of their baby ahead of a stranger’s unsolicited opinions, some insist we must put a stop to this irritatingly normal human behavior. During last week’s HuffPost Live segment on breastfeeding in public, my co-panelist, etiquette expert Julie Blais Comeau, confidently asserted that there are “certainly” times when breastfeeding is inappropriate and that a mother should “go somewhere else” to feed her baby.

Unfortunately during the segment Julie was unable to offer a single example of a time or place where breastfeeding in public is inappropriate. Don’t worry, I thought of a few. Now if you ever find yourself in a situation where you wonder whether or not it’s okay to breastfeed, you can use these as the litmus test. The following five locations are “certainly” not appropriate for nursing a baby. …


There’s one important situation she forgot: don’t breast feed if you don’t have a baby.

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