Bill Gates Admits Vaccination Part of Population Control Strategy

He wants to reduce CO2 output to ZERO!  This is a recipe for global genocide, pure and simple.  See what happens to the price of food in your neighborhood when the trucks can’t ship it in from oil-intensive industrial agricultural planations in california and your local agriculture has already been gutted by globalization.  The man is a eugenicist like the rest of the permanent government.

The historical record shows CO2 doesn’t drive temperature, it’s the reverse: increased temps increase microbial activity in the soil and reduce CO2 solubility in the oceans so atmospheric CO2 increases with increasing temperature.  Plants consume CO2 so increased CO2 concentrations increase plant growth until a new equilibrium is reached (unless you believe CO2 will suddenly start driving temperature in a runaway feedback loop for the first time in geological history) so the idea that temps will increase without limit if CO2 production is non-zero is ridiculous.   But in any case his involvement and investments in  monsanto ( ) belies his true intent: depopulation.


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