Walmart, Sears, Amazon, Ebay et al sell Do-It-Yourself Circumcision Torture Devices

What is it about sexually torturing babies?  This is some kind of sado-pedophilic cult. Walmart has removed it in response to an online petition, but the others are still there.

It seems there’s no end to the abundance and variety of DIY MGM devices available online:….0…1ac.1.55.products-cc..4.8.895.mCe_pcVZNm4

Of course the US government has long been peddling this snake oil, most recently in africa:

And it’s always been a hit among pedophiles.  See and

Why  not?  It helps make the trains run on time in the USA:

And it provides an outlet for the boundless imaginations of our medical engineers:



Finally, the centerpiece of the whole gruesome spectacle:


The restraints are to keep him from wriggling too much in his joy and playfulness.  And when he “falls to sleep” it will keep the target conveniently accessible.

And even more:

Can we call this a sado-pedophilic compulsion yet?

But the real money is in the foreskin trade:

But to see what MGM is really all about, see:

It’s not an accident that it was the mark of slavery in biblical times.