Sandy Hook: FBI Report is Not a Smoking Gun

Intelligence operations (grassroots or otherwise) aren’t for passive entertainment.  You have to dig and reevaluate constantly if you want to utilize the net effectively.  The price of laziness in a maze of constant disinformation is finding yourself in a smaller herd of sheep than the dominant herd, while you’re still being led to the slaughter.   It takes a lot of time.  Sometimes it’s tedious.  Many people just don’t have the energy, and I can’t blame them.  But the dangers we face are historically unprecedented.   Literally millions of people are being killed abroad and being set up to be killed at home, that much I’m sure of.    For me, it all started with researching 9/11.   The propagandists can’t rewrite the laws of physics, and I happen to know something about the subject.  If I didn’t I’d  have probably thrown up my hands and walked away a long time ago.

To put this issue in context, there’s plenty of other problems with the official story of sandy hook as well as a number of real mass shootings in recent history as this blog has covered over the years.  The overarching agenda is disarmament of the american people by any means necessary, and in this world it’s not hard to see why that’s a bad idea.

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