From Ludicrous to Pathetic: 7/11 Clerks Get Reward for Flu Vaccination

7-Eleven convenience stores in Oklahoma are apparently running contests encouraging their employees to receive flu shots, one of which involves employees taking “selfies” as they receive the injections.

The names of store supervisors who receive flu shots will be entered into a drawing to win paid time off, according to a flyer sent to Infowars by a reader.

“Get a flu shot this year and you can win 3 days of paid time off,” the posted flyer reads, explaining that in addition to receiving the potentially lethal chemical mixture, supervisors must manage to convince 50 percent or more of their employees to also get their shots.

As an added “Bonus!,” an additional contest requires supervisors to take “selfies” while getting jabbed, dubbed “flufies.”

“Take a selfie while getting your flu shot and you can win one of THREE [75 dollar] 7-Eleven Gift Cards for best ‘flufie!,’” the flyer states.

While flu vaccine efficacy and overall safety is still heavily contested, nowhere on the flyer does it notify employees of the potential dangers associated with receiving the lab-made chemical cocktails, which are produced on a yearly basis based on scientific guesswork.

“It’s not possible to predict what this flu season will be like,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admits on their website. Despite this, the federal health authority still “recommends a yearly flu vaccine for everyone 6 months of age and older,” as well as for pregnant mothers.

The convenience store chain’s flyer neglects to mention the fact that numerous people have suffered extreme complications, including death, stemming from flu vaccines, which contain dangerous compounds such as formaldehyde and the neurotoxin aluminum. …

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