American Ebola Patients’ Waste Being Flushed into Public Sewers

Ebola patients, Dr. Brantly and Nancy Writebol are presently being treated in an isolation unit at Emory University hospital. Protocol ensures they are kept in a single patient room. All persons entering must wear double gloves, gown, eye protection, face mask, disposable shoe covers and leg coverings. Dedicated medical equipment should be disposable. However, the Ebola patient’s wastes are going into public sewage.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) site proclaims that U.S. hospitals can safely manage a patient with EVD (the viral Ebola hemorrhage fever) by following “recommended isolation and infection control procedures.” Further down in the report it reveals “Liquid medical waste such as feces and vomitus can be disposed of in the sanitary sewer.” …

Atlanta’s news agencies have revealed that the Ebola patient’s wastes, including feces and urine, are going into the city’s public sewer system. They go on to say there is no risk of infection to the general public, because their waste management practices will kill any virus flushed into the system.

Atlanta’s sewer system covers about a 19 square mile area, comprising about 15 percent of Atlanta’s total area. [Atlanta’s sewage system] website acknowledges “but this system is aging as well, and sanitary sewer overflows occur frequently.” The city has four water reclamation centers and 14 pump stations that pump waste water flows into the sewer system. …

See references at the site.  There is no BSL4 lab at either emory university or the university of nebraska.  See . Also see and

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