NY Politicians Scramble to Keep 9/11 Initiative Off the Ballot

Two weeks ago we had the satisfaction of being present for the submission of 67,000 signatures calling for a ballot measure to require the City of New York to investigate the collapse of WTC 7. A week later, as word of the campaign spread, Mayor Bill de Blasio made his position known, calling our efforts “insensitive” and “inappropriate”, and saying that he would work with the City Council to keep it from appearing on the ballot.

Now we need your help to fight back. Already, the Mayor and City Council Speaker are moving to have the City Council vote down our proposal so that it does not appear before the voters. But we can override their veto by submitting another 33,000 signatures on September 4th. So far the team has gathered 13,000 signatures, but to reach 33,000 we must raise $28,000 more by the end of next week.

Please donate what you can today so that we will have enough funds to finish the job we started. With all eyes on us, it is imperative we submit the second petition, or we will have little chance of appearing on the ballot this November.

Visit HighRiseSafetyNYC.org/donate to make your contribution.

We thank you for digging deep at this important juncture in our efforts, and we are grateful for the generosity that so many of you have shown already.


Obviously this is a national issue and deserves national funding.  It’s really about mass child abuse.  Kids are being fed a brazen lie so they’ll sacrifice their bodies fighting a phantom on some distant battlefield.  We need them home to overthrow the reign of al  qaeda in washington.

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