Pedophilia and the Infrastructure of Power

The price of admission into the inner circle is submission to control by those already on the inside, and what better way to control new recruits than entrap and blackmail them in pedophilia?     Meet your real government: organized, comprehensive, institutionalized, state sanctioned self-perpetuating child abuse with a nazi satanic mind control overlay to boot.  It’s not just good business, it’s high tech.  See the links in the reference section starting with “conspiracy of silence”.   See especially Ted Gunderson’s (former FBI LA branch director) research.

UK police have opened an investigation into claims of a Westminster pedophile ring, saying they have a list of about 40 alleged child abusers, including over 10 current and former British politicians.

Whistleblower Peter McKelvie, whose claims prompted Operation Fernbridge, disclosed in his the latest report that up to 40 members of parliament and peers knew about or took part in the child abuse network.

Operation Fernbridge is a Scotland Yard investigation into allegations of a pedophile network with links to Downing Street.

Lawmakers – including former ministers and household names – from all three main political parties are included on the list.

Some of the alleged child abusers remain active in the UK parliament, while several others, including Cyril Smith and Peter Morrison, have already died.

“I believe there are sufficient grounds to carry out a formal investigation into allegations of up to 20 MPs and Lords over the last three to four decades, some still alive and some dead. The list is there,” McKelvie said.

At least one witness has told police that he was abused by a Tory MP when he was under 10 years old in the 1980s.

Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered Mark Sedwill, the permanent secretary for the UK’s Home Office, to conduct an internal investigation into what happened to the dossier.

Other cases of child sexual abuse have been reported in the country.

Several high-profile figures have been arrested in connection with the multiple investigations into the abuse scandal surrounding Jimmy Savile, a disgraced former TV host with the state-funded British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). He died in 2011, but, following his death, hundreds of allegations of sex abuse and rape of minors became public.

BRITISH security services infiltrated and funded the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange in a covert operation to identify and possibly blackmail establishment figures, a Home Office whistleblower alleges.

Empathy as a Choice and Pleasure vs Pain or Neglect in Infancy

Last week, I wrote about a simple idea: far from being an automatic reflex, empathy often requires a choice to engage with others’ emotions.  Moreover, people often refuse this choice, because empathy can be challenging, painful, costly, or all three.  Instead of meeting these challenges, we often keep our distance from others’ suffering, tune out the opinions of people with whom we disagree, and generally empathize only when it is convenient. …

This changes, among other things, the way we view psychiatric conditions featuring deficits in empathy.  The most famous of these are of course autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  In a landmark work almost 20 years old, Simon Baron-Cohen characterized ASD as a form of “Mindblindness,” or an inability to understand others’ experiences. …

Could it be that some fraction of autistic children are only lacking in motivation to engage others’ emotions?  Such motivations and emotional “reflexes” would be heavily influenced by the early presence or absence of pleasure, something that James Prescott ( emphasizes in his research.  More specifically, pleasure in association with mother, who is the infant’s universe.   If there is no pleasure associated with mother at all, there would be no motivation to understand her or by extension, other people (autism), while an early mixture of pleasure and (mostly) pain would create a motivation to understand people enough to manipulate them (psychopathy).   Total devotion and affection by the mother would create a virtual identification with the mother by the infant which would create a highly developed aptitude and motivation for empathy in adulthood.

Prescott discovered an intense link between adult violence and a lack of vestibular (motion) sensory input in infancy and notes that vestibular stimulation would be the primary sensory input to the developing fetus, thus continual carrying by the mother after birth  would provide a reassuring continuity of experience and an ongoing connection to mother for the baby, and a lack of same might be perceived as abandonment and rejection, which, together with neonatal trauma, is closely linked to violence.

Anyway, none of this is rocket science in the sense that normal birth with normal hormones like oxytocin (which pitocin induction disrupts), skin to skin contact and continual carrying and breast feeding are how humans have raised kids for millennia except in the current era.  Clearly, the most pivotal time for establishing and nurturing emotional aptitude and motivation is birth, which is why it’s so important for the baby to be placed directly on the mother’s belly to give them a chance to get acquainted as separate beings in love.   Standard obstetrical practices (back birthing, induction and extraction, wrapping in sensory-depriving towels, isolation, immobility, lack of breast feeding, poking and jabbing, circumcision etc) could hardly be seen as anything but torture and abandonment by the child.  The parallels with the CIA’s psychological torture techniques (pain and sensory deprivation, see “A Question of Torture” by McCoy) are relevant here.  It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that american obstetrical practices amount to a militarization of medicine, creating armies of unhappy and often violent people who help sustain the machinery of mass destruction.

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Ukraine: RAND recommends Mass Murder, Impoverishment, Decimation of Infrastructure

The following are described as likely “gains” resulting from an all-out assault: shutting down the coal industry will relieve the IMF “debt” burdened government of subsidy costs (where  will the coal come from?),  shutdown of other industries will reduce russian gas consumption and dependency (where  will the jobs and industrial output come from?)  The fate of the people who live there is of no concern to RAND’s autistic cyborgs, except as a PR issue to be explained away to the ever-gullible public.

Clearly the mass production of psychopathy in the USA is an issue of critical importance, which is why this site places such an emphasis on obstetrical medicine’s contribution to the problem.  Its role is pivotal in obstructing or disrupting mother-child bonding, and its top-down management means paradigm shifts at the top might percolate through the hierarchy relatively quickly.

BTW: you can forget about such technocrats making any distinction between foreign and domestic military operations.