CIA Mind Control Project Financed Circumcision Psychological Research

This paper’s theoretical foundations are questionable but the empirical observations of children’s responses to MGM and its application to social and mind control are noteworthy.  Apparently the CIA agreed.  That’s why they remained silent.

CIA=Circumcision Induction Agency ?

Psychological Effects of Circumcision
by Gocke Cansever
BRITISH JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PSYCHOLOGY, Volume 38: Pages 321-31, December 1965

… Following circumcision, there was a remarkable decrease in the I. Q. obtained by this test and in the size of the drawing itself (Table 1). From the decrease in I. Q. we can assume that circumcision hampers smooth, spontaneous and efficient functioning by the child; however, it would be quite misleading to assert that it decreases the I. Q. per se, since it is now generally accepted amongst psychologists that the DAM test is not a very reliable measure of intelligence. …

Following circumcision, all of the children showed some disturbance in sexual identification on the DAM test; however each in a manner peculiar to himself….

Tendency to regress toward more infantile and primitive modes of expression was observed following circumcision….

The results obtained for the different psychological tests indicate that circumcision is perceived by the child as an aggressive attack on his body, which damaged, mutilated and in some cases totally destroyed him. The feeling of ‘I am now castrated’ seems to prevail in the psychic world of the child. As a result, he feels inadequate, helpless, and functions less efficiently….

The main reaction to the operation is an increase in aggressive drives. Not only does the child feel attacked, but also, as a reaction strives to attack those who have mutilated him. The quality of the aggressive feelings is as archaic as the perception of the operation.

      In order to protect himself from the threats of the outside world and of the instinctual drives loosened by the operation the child’s ego seems to find safety in withdrawal. As a defensive measure, the ego insulates itself from all stimuli and this is protected from external and internal dangers.

      One interesting finding is the perception of the females as the castrators….

What is expressed following the operation is primitive, archaic and unsocialized in character. As a defensive control and protection against the surge of the instinctual forces coming from within and the threats coming from outside, the ego of the child seeks safety in total withdrawal, this isolates and insulates itself from disturbing stimuli….

This study was supported by a grant from Human Ecology Fund.

The Search for the Manchurian Candidate
The CIA and Mind Control
John Marks (1979)

Page 111:
… In 1955 Wolff incorporated his CIA-funded study group as the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, with himself as president.[1] Through the Society, Wolff extended his efforts for the Agency, and his organization turned into a CIA- controlled funding mechanism for studies and experiments in the behavioral sciences…

Page 121:
1. In 1961 the Society changed its name to the Human Ecology Fund, but for convenience sake it will be called the Society throughout the book….

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