Russia Prepares for an “Expected U.S. Nuclear Attack”

BurkoNews, an organization of journalists based in Crimea, headlined on 22 June 2014, “Why Is Russia Preparing for the Nuclear War?” and reported:

“From the middle of May to early June 2014, the Russian Federation [i.e., ‘Russia’] undertook two large command-staff exercises testing the realization of a local nuclear attack. According to military experts there were never such dense and extensive testing scenarios of nuclear war even in the Soviet Union. … The 12th General Directory of the Ministry of Defense, which is the most secret department, was involved in the exercises.”

Previously, the present reporter had headlined “Why Ukraine’s Civil War Is of Global Historical Importance” and explained the connection between America’s coup in Ukraine in February 2014 and America’s re-start of the anti-Soviet Cold War.

The U.S. coup in Ukraine cannot be understood outside the context of that country’s being able and willing now to allow the U.S. to place nuclear missiles right next door to Russia, close enough for a first-strike against Moscow to prevent any retaliation by Russia. Our missiles would destroy Russia within ten minutes of launch — too short a time-window for Russia to be able to respond.

Another recent report was headlined, “Indications that the U.S. Is Planning a Nuclear Attack Against Russia,” and it described NATO military exercises and anti-Russian propaganda to prepare for a U.S.-led nuclear attack against Russia. In other words: this new “Cold War” is actually preparation for a nuclear war that is being not just planned but now actually being practiced in military exercises. One cannot understand U.S. President Barack Obama’s propaganda campaign against Russia if one does not understand what it is heading towards. …

Iraq Falling Apart is the Real “Mission Accomplished”

James Corbett joins Joyce and J.D. on The Power Hour every other week to discuss economics, world events, geopolitics and everything else. This time they discuss the latest developments in Iraq as the US/GCC backed terror boogeyman organization threatens to complete the Neocon/Israeli agenda of splitting the country into three parts. We also discuss Fukushima, bitcoin, patriot demonization and more.


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Nationalism has gotten a bum rap from bankster installed dictators like hitler and saddam hussein who acted out bankster war agendas (although hitler seems to have gotten out of control, he was only supposed to attack russia).  But at its core nationalism is only an extension of community.   The tendency to tyranny is a function of the size of the social unit.  In that respect world government will be far worse than a diversity of nations, even nations at war.  Because when the whole world is one nation under fraud (banksters), that nation will be a battlefield without borders.

Credit Rating Agencies/Economic Terrorists Dodge Reforms

The credit ratings agencies were pivotal in leveraging the engineered housing collapse into the larger economy.  Predictably, they continue to reign with impunity.

The California Public Employee Retirement System requires that bonds it holds be rated by one of the top three credit raters even after it sued those companies for issuing “untrue, inaccurate and unjustifiably high credit ratings.”

“These credit ratings were false at the time they were initially assigned, and continued to be false during the existence of the” investments, Calpers, the nation’s biggest pension fund, claims in its 2009 lawsuit against Moody’s Corp., Fitch Inc. and the parent company of Standard and Poor’s. The state pension fund says the bad ratings cost it as much as $1 billion.

That Calpers still depends on S&P, Moody’s and Fitch to rate its investments shows how much power these companies continue to wield in the global financial industry even after several investigations concluded their AAA ratings on mortgage bonds and other complex investments helped lead directly to the 2008 financial collapse. Calpers settled with Fitch without receiving payment, and the suit against S&P and Moody’s is pending.

Calpers, which manages $288 billion in assets, isn’t alone. Most major pension funds, insurance companies and mutual funds require investments in corporate bonds, mortgage bonds or collateralized debt obligations be rated by one of the three major ratings agencies.

Pimco, the world’s largest bond investor, also requires many of its investments to be rated by S&P and Moody’s even after its chairman, Bill Gross, in 2007 vividly thrashed the two companies for giving high ratings to trash investments.

“What was chaste and AAA years ago may no longer be the case today,” Gross wrote in his weekly investment outlook. “You were wooed, Mr. Moody’s and Mr. Poor’s, by the makeup, those six-inch hooker heels and a ‘tramp stamp.’ ” …

No, they were wooed by the money, either above or below the table.  Either way, they acted in the interests of the economic saboteurs.

Central Banks on Corporate Buying Spree

Finance is the new form of warfare – without the expense of a military overhead and an occupation against unwilling hosts. It is a competition in credit creation to buy foreign resources, real estate, public and privatized infrastructure, bonds and corporate stock ownership. Who needs an army when you can obtain the usual objective (monetary wealth and asset appropriation) simply by financial means?                                                                                       — Dr. Michael Hudson, Counterpunch, October 2010

When the US Federal Reserve bought an 80% stake in American International Group (AIG) in September 2008, the unprecedented $85 billion outlay was justified as necessary to bail out the world’s largest insurance company. Today, however, central banks are on a global corporate buying spree not to bail out bankrupt corporations but simply as an investment, to compensate for the loss of bond income due to record-low interest rates. Indeed, central banks have become some of the world’s largest stock investors.

Central banks have the power to create national currencies with accounting entries, and they are traditionally very secretive. We are not allowed to peer into their books. It took a major lawsuit by Reuters and a congressional investigation to get the Fed to reveal the $16-plus trillion in loans it made to bail out giant banks and corporations after 2008.

What is to stop a foreign bank from simply printing its own currency and trading it on the currency market for dollars, to be invested in the US stock market or US real estate market?  What is to stop central banks from printing up money competitively, in a mad rush to own the world’s largest companies?

Apparently not much. Central banks are for the most part unregulated, even by their own governments. As the Federal Reserve observes on its website:

[The Fed] is considered an independent central bank because its monetary policy decisions do not have to be approved by the President or anyone else in the executive or legislative branches of government, it does not receive funding appropriated by the Congress, and the terms of the members of the Board of Governors span multiple presidential and congressional terms.

As former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan quipped, “Quite frankly it does not matter who is president as far as the Fed is concerned. There are no other agencies that can overrule the action we take.”

The Central Bank Buying Spree

That is how “independent” central banks operate, but it evidently not the US central bank that is gambling in the stock market. After extensive quantitative easing, the Fed has a $4.5 trillion balance sheet; but this sum is accounted for as being invested conservatively in Treasuries and agency debt (although QE may have allowed Wall Street banks to invest the proceeds in the stock market by devious means).

Which central banks, then, are investing in stocks? The biggest player turns out to be the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), the Chinese central bank….

World War BZ

Tynarious is a GBZ experimental agent that is a new and unknown compound never before seen until now, circa 2012. This agent combines incapacitating and hallucinogenic symptoms along with cholinesterase inhibiting activity. This agent by far may be the most feared of all experimental agents as it contains a BZ molecule and G-agent molecule. …

Tynarious is a rapid fast acting nerve, hallucinogenic and incapacitationg agent that can produce effects within minutes of dissemination and exposure.  The most desired delivery system for this compound is through aerosol munitions, so the agent can be inhaled whereby its effects are more rapid and severe.  Ingestion of the compound it is rapidly absorbed producing PCP like sensations and feelings, including feelings invincibility and complete control, and exposed personanel are likely to run into traffic, jump off a building or shoot themselves.  BZ agents were whidely experimented with during the vietnam war, leading to many acccidental deaths caused by symptoms of euphoria, anger, hatred and feelings of betrayal and confusion — exposed soldiers often turned on each other in barbaric and gruesome manners.

The Preparatory Manual of Chemical Warfare Agents Third Edition By Jared Ledgard
Page 521

I’ve been trying to figure out the real reason for all the zombie drills (and zombie movies) lately and I’ve come up with this paranoid scenario: the robber baron’s agents claim to have discovered a new virus, extremely contagious, incurable and producing zombie-like symptoms (BZ symptoms) additionally with bleeding before death.   (airborne ebola?)  After the MSM conditions the population for this new threat, they spray some neighborhood with tynarious and after the resulting chaos, they send in the troops and quarantine the entire city. Essentially everyone in the quarantine zone will be written off as an imminent casualty and, if attempting to escape, a national security threat.  Then comes the new vaccine.

On the other hand, bleeding on the brain may induce some kind of delirium, no chemical agent needed.

How to Lie to a Generation of Families – Malfeasance in the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Program

How to Lie to a Generation of Families – Malfeasance in the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Program.

The days of blindly accepting what is mandated by law or policy and initiated by doctors and public health officials are over.

The conversation regarding vaccines and autism is grounded in scientific journals and in the government’s internal documents. If you’re a parent, you have the right to decide what is best for your child. According to Dr. Hooker parents need to rephrase the question over vaccine safety when confronted with the issue by healthcare providers. CDC studies refute Thimerosal causes autism, but their data does not refute the fact that Thimerosal is not safe to inject into your body or your infant’s body.

When a government official states he would like to ‘kill’ NVICP petitioners and their children because Thimerosal litigation isthreatening the viability of the vaccine injury compensation process, then something is wrong. Very wrong.

Arm yourself with the studies. Parents must lead the charge to protect children’s health and the future of this country.

One parent who is courageously leading the charge is Brian Hooker, PhD, PE, biochemist, researcher, investigator, vaccine industry watchdog, and father of an autistic child. He has taken center stage in the fight to expose CDC malfeasance and fraud. Among other revelations, he has uncovered CDC internal documents from 14 years ago revealing that top officials in the CDC were aware there was and is a definitive link between Thimerosal containing vaccines and the ensuing autism epidemic.