US Health Care: Most Expensive by Far, Least Effective

The United States health care system is the most expensive in the world, but this report and prior editions consistently show the U.S. underperforms relative to other countries on most dimensions of performance. Among the 11 nations studied in this report—Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States—the U.S. ranks last, as it did in the 2010, 2007, 2006, and 2004 editions of Mirror, Mirror. Most troubling, the U.S. fails to achieve better health outcomes than the other countries, and as shown in the earlier editions, the U.S. is last or near last on dimensions of access, efficiency, and equity. In this edition of Mirror, Mirror, the United Kingdom ranks first, followed closely by Switzerland (Exhibit ES-1).

Expanding from the seven countries included in 2010, the 2014 edition includes data from 11 countries. It incorporates patients’ and physicians’ survey results on care experiences and ratings on various dimensions of care. It includes information from the most recent three Commonwealth Fund international surveys of patients and primary care physicians about medical practices and views of their countries’ health systems (2011–2013). It also includes information on health care outcomes featured in The Commonwealth Fund’s most recent (2011) national health system scorecard, and from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)….

Former FDA Reviewer Speaks Out About Intimidation, Retaliation and Marginalizing of Safety

From Truth-Out, the conclusion of an interview by Martha Rosenberg with Ronald Kavanaugh, formerly of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA):

MR: That is similar to the FDA’s claim with the device reviewers. Why do efforts to silence free speech always seem to be couched as “trade secrets”?

RK: Because much of the information we receive are trade secrets and companies explicitly label everything they provide the FDA as such and explicitly prohibit their dissemination. In spite of this, the Food Drug and Cosmetics Act explicitly allows communication of trade secrets by FDA employees to Congress, but since most people are unaware of this, FDA management can use the threat of jail for violation of the Trade Secrets Act, not only to discourage reviewers, but in my case they got Senator Grassley’s staff to destroy the evidence I provided them. The threats, however, can be much worse than prison. One manager threatened my children – who had just turned 4 and 7 years old – and in one large staff meeting, I was referred to as a “saboteur.” Based on other things that happened and were said, I was afraid that I could be killed for talking to Congress and criminal investigators.

MR: Still, the FDA transparency meeting transcripts indicate you not only went to members of Congress, you appealed to the Health and Human Services inspector general.

RK: Congress did put me in contact with the Justice Department, however, I don’t believe my complaints were taken seriously by the FBI or investigated. I believe that actual felonies may well have occurred. For example, I found evidence of insider trading of drug company stocks reflecting knowledge that likely only FDA management would have known. I believe I also have documentation of falsification of documents, fraud, perjury, and widespread racketeering, including witnesses tampering and witness retaliation.

MR: And in addition to this alleged wrongdoing, the public is at risk from unsafe drugs that were approved?

RK: Yes. In fact, thanks in part to the Prescription Drug User Fee Act, [in which drug companies pay for expedited reviews] thalidomide could not be stopped today.

Read the entire interview at Former FDA Reviewer Speaks Out About Intimidation, Retaliation and Marginalizing of Safety.

This information did not appear in the mainstream media.

Is Obama Admin Trafficking Children for Political Purposes?

On January 29th of this year, the federal government posted an advertisement seeking bids for a vendor contract to handle “Unaccompanied Alien Children“.

Not just any contract mind you, but a very specific contract – for a very specific number of unaccompanied minors: 65,000.

• Why would DHS and ICE be claiming “surprise” by the current influx of unaccompanied minors on the border in June, when they were taking bids for an exact contract to handle the exact situation in January?

• Secondly, how could they possibly anticipate 65,000 unaccompanied minors would be showing up at the border, when the most ever encountered in a previous year was 5,000 total ?

“[…] The Contractor shall provide unarmed escort staff, including management, supervision, manpower, training, certifications, licenses, drug testing, equipment, and supplies necessary to provide on-demand escort services for non-criminal/non-delinquent unaccompanied alien children ages infant to 17 years of age, seven (7) days a week, 365 days a year. Transport will be required for either category of UAC or individual juveniles, to include both male and female juveniles. There will be approximately 65,000 UAC in total: 25% local ground transport, 25% via ICE charter and 50% via commercial air.

“[…] In addition, the Contractor shall have personnel who are able to communicate with juveniles in their own designated language(s).”

Link to the ad here.

This stinks to high heaven. It is time to subpoena the people who placed the ad to give testimony in Congress. We may have a Cloward-Piven strategy on illegal immigration underway.

Such a strategy would be consistent with the shock doctrine agenda to bankrupt and destabilize the country in preparation for a bankster takeover per the NWO agenda.

No one is claiming these children don’t deserve decent lives.  The question is what are they fleeing from, who made it happen and who will benefit from a mass influx of non-unionized, non-english speaking, uneducated and traumatized kids.  The answers to all 3 questions can be found in the reference section.

They are mere pawns in a larger game, my guess is that time will show that they’re jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

The humanitarian crisis at the border is really a foreign policy crisis

Border Crisis: The Crocodile Tears of the Empire

The Muslim Weapon

Circumcision Permanently Alters the Brain

As a graduate student working in the Dept. of Epidemiology, I was approached by a group of nurses who were attempting to organize a protest against male infant circumcision in Kingston General Hospital. They said that their observations indicated that babies undergoing the procedure were subjected to significant and inhumane levels of pain that subsequently adversely affected their behaviors. They said that they needed some scientific support for their position. It was my idea to use fMRI and/or PET scanning to directly observe the effects of circumcision on the infant brain.

The operator of the MRI machine in the hospital was a friend of mine, and he agreed to allow us to use the machine for research after normal operational hours. We also found a nurse who was under intense pressure by her husband to have her newborn son circumcised, and she was willing to have her son to be the subject of the study. Her goal was to provide scientific information that would eventually be used to ban male infant circumcision. Since no permission of the ethics committee was required to perform any routine male infant circumcision, we did not feel it was necessary to seek any permission to carry out this study.

We tightly strapped an infant to a traditional plastic “circumstraint” using Velcro restraints. We also completely immobilized the infant’s head using standard surgical tape. The entire apparatus was then introduced into the MRI chamber. Since no metal objects could be used because of the high magnetic fields, the doctor who performed the surgery used a plastic bell with a sterilized obsidian bade to cut the foreskin. No anesthetic was used.

The baby was kept in the machine for several minutes to generate baseline data of the normal metabolic activity in the brain. This was used to compare to the data gathered during and after the surgery. Analysis of the MRI data indicated that the surgery subjected the infant to significant trauma. The greatest changes occurred in the limbic system concentrating in the amygdala and in the frontal and temporal lobes.

A neurologist who saw the results postulated that the data indicated that circumcision affected most intensely the portions of the victim’s brain associated with reasoning, perception and emotions. Follow up tests on the infant one day, one week and one month after the surgery indicated that the child’s brain never returned to its baseline configuration. In other words, the evidence generated by this research indicated that the brain of the circumcised infant was permanently changed by the surgery.

Our problems began when we attempted to publish our findings in the open medical literature. All of the participants in the research including myself were called before the hospital discipline committee and were severely reprimanded. We were told that while male circumcision was legal under all circumstances in Canada, any attempt to study the adverse effects of circumcision was strictly prohibited by the ethical regulations. Not only could we not publish the results of our research, but we also had to destroy all of our results. If we refused to comply, we were all threatened with immediate dismissal and legal action.

I would encourage anyone with access to fMRI and /or PET scanning machines to repeat our research as described above, confirm our results, and then publish the results in the open literature.

How the West was Won by Nazis and Wall Street

20th century America is a mystery.

High ideals, proud history, and for the most part a decent, generous, hard working people.

So why does the government’s behavior resemble that of Nazi Germany in so many respects?

Why are the big banks allowed to loot trillions of dollars in broad daylight with no consequences?

Why have so many people who are little more than highly polished low life scum ended up in the White House and other positions of authority?

This video – a Brasscheck TV original based on an interview Dave Emory of conducted with veteran and Department of Justice Nazi hunter John Loftus – reveals secret aspects of world and American history not 1 out of 100,000 people are aware of.

Please share this one widely with others.

They won’t find this critically important information laid out more clearly or concisely anywhere else.

Knowledge is the beginning of the cure. – See more at:

Origins of Psychological Warfare

Corrections: Ewen Cameron’s primary tools were heavy doses of shock treatment in addition to the tape loops and drugging mentioned in the video.
Richard Helms destroyed the vast majority of the CIA’s MKUltra files before the congressional investigations even began.

CIA Mind Control Project Financed Circumcision Psychological Research

This paper’s theoretical foundations are questionable but the empirical observations of children’s responses to MGM and its application to social and mind control are noteworthy.  Apparently the CIA agreed.  That’s why they remained silent.

CIA=Circumcision Induction Agency ?

Psychological Effects of Circumcision
by Gocke Cansever
BRITISH JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PSYCHOLOGY, Volume 38: Pages 321-31, December 1965

… Following circumcision, there was a remarkable decrease in the I. Q. obtained by this test and in the size of the drawing itself (Table 1). From the decrease in I. Q. we can assume that circumcision hampers smooth, spontaneous and efficient functioning by the child; however, it would be quite misleading to assert that it decreases the I. Q. per se, since it is now generally accepted amongst psychologists that the DAM test is not a very reliable measure of intelligence. …

Following circumcision, all of the children showed some disturbance in sexual identification on the DAM test; however each in a manner peculiar to himself….

Tendency to regress toward more infantile and primitive modes of expression was observed following circumcision….

The results obtained for the different psychological tests indicate that circumcision is perceived by the child as an aggressive attack on his body, which damaged, mutilated and in some cases totally destroyed him. The feeling of ‘I am now castrated’ seems to prevail in the psychic world of the child. As a result, he feels inadequate, helpless, and functions less efficiently….

The main reaction to the operation is an increase in aggressive drives. Not only does the child feel attacked, but also, as a reaction strives to attack those who have mutilated him. The quality of the aggressive feelings is as archaic as the perception of the operation.

      In order to protect himself from the threats of the outside world and of the instinctual drives loosened by the operation the child’s ego seems to find safety in withdrawal. As a defensive measure, the ego insulates itself from all stimuli and this is protected from external and internal dangers.

      One interesting finding is the perception of the females as the castrators….

What is expressed following the operation is primitive, archaic and unsocialized in character. As a defensive control and protection against the surge of the instinctual forces coming from within and the threats coming from outside, the ego of the child seeks safety in total withdrawal, this isolates and insulates itself from disturbing stimuli….

This study was supported by a grant from Human Ecology Fund.

The Search for the Manchurian Candidate
The CIA and Mind Control
John Marks (1979)

Page 111:
… In 1955 Wolff incorporated his CIA-funded study group as the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, with himself as president.[1] Through the Society, Wolff extended his efforts for the Agency, and his organization turned into a CIA- controlled funding mechanism for studies and experiments in the behavioral sciences…

Page 121:
1. In 1961 the Society changed its name to the Human Ecology Fund, but for convenience sake it will be called the Society throughout the book….

Re: social control, see:

Also see:

Circumcision Permanently Alters the Brain

Circumcision is the Mark of Slaves

More Research on Circumcision and Mind Control

No telling who funded this quackery but it was published in “Social Biology”, which used to be called the “Journal of Eugenics”

The phenomenon of circumcision […] serves a practical function of lowering excitability and distractibility quotients-sexual arousal-of pubescent males, i.e. biasing young males toward increased tractability which would enhance group efforts and less toward individual goals of amorous exchanges. Neurological data suggest that early lesions of the prepuce/foreskin tissues would generate a reorganization/atrophy of the brain circuitry. This re-organization/atrophy, in turn, is suggested to lower sexual excitability. […] Inferential data support the hypothesis that a practical consequence of circumcision, complementary to any religious-symbolic function, is to make a circumcised male less excitable and distractible, and, hence, more amenable to his group’s authority figures. …

Circumcision is suggested to reduce young male’s sexual excitability and distractibility. The advantages to the commonweal of more tractable, less disruptive young men seem intuitively real. Group endeavors involving the strength and large numbers of young men would be more easily initiated, organized, and executed. Disruptions of a sexual nature are (slightly) reduced. Given (1) the facile manner in which humans can create and grasp metaphor and (2) the importance of early learning in childhood upon subsequent behavior, the nesting for the physical act of foreskin removal within a realistic imagery seems pragmatic and efficacious.

Yet More Research on Circumcision and Mind Control

… the removal of the foreskin would be expected to reorganize the somato-sensory cortex of the brain of the affected individual. Because sexual stimuli normally travel to the cerebral cortex via the thalamus and then to those subcortical areas that are aligned with emotion-for example, the septum (Rivard, 1982)-any reorganization of the cerebral cortex would be expected to affect the overall sexual behavior of that individual (for supporting evidence, see Laumann, Masi, & Zuckerman, 1997; cf. Masters & Johnson, 1966). The earlier in the male’s life the circumcision occurs, the more impact the ablation would be expected to have on his nervous system and, hence, his behavioral tendencies….

Thus, the argument here is that circumcision is low-grade neurological castration. As a consequence of circumcision, the young men would be expected to be a ply more tractable and a ply less distractible. Fertility is not impaired. Aggressiveness is not impaired. The threshold for sexual excitability is simply raised. …

Benefits to the Pair Bond From Circumcision

If, as we hypothesized, circumcision results in raising the threshold for sexual excitability, then a putative benefit would accrue to the institution of marriage. Men’s sexual impulsiveness would be lessened a ply. Again, men’s sex drive is not removed, just abated. Consequently, the men’s sexual behaviors, which are traditionally viewed as quicker and more direct, would be shifted in the direction of the women’s sexual behaviors, which are traditionally viewed as slower and less direct. In addition, extramarital sexual activity would be similarly expected to be reduced.’ Enhanced sexual compatibility within a marriage generally enhances the durability and coordination within that marriage. Consequently, strengthened marriages would be a positive vector within any society.

The Trade-offs Between the Man and His Society

The societal calculus and trade-offs are as follows: The individual male is denied some additional or more intense sexual feelings. The community gains some additional compliance, and women gain some additional satisfaction within the pair bond. If all males are so affected within the group, no one male or cohort of males is at a courting or amorous disadvantage. The problem, of course, is how to convince parents that their sons’ genitalia need to be mutilated. The next section addresses that legitimate query.

The Juggernaut of Cultural Inertia

The socialization process in humans begins at birth and is pervasive. Early learning-the systemization of the rules and worldview of a culture-is very resistant to re-systemization. That is, a process similar to imprinting is in evidence. (For classical discussion on imprinting, see Hess, 1973; Lorenz, 1958, 1965; Tinbergen, 195 1, 1965; for current discussions, see Bolhuis & Horn, 1992; Bornstein, 1989; Bower, 1993; Cook, 1993; Leland, 1994; for specific discussions on human mating strategies, see Freedman & Gorman, 1993; Rossi & Rossi, 1990.) Once a child is enveloped in the cultural matrix, wherein each major institution reinforces every other major institution, the mind-set of the child is crystallized. As the child grows to maturity, cultural givens are not questioned, they simply “are” and are about as visible as the wind. The child, grown to adulthood and parenthood, will pass on his learned givens to the next generation. The culture of a child is presented to that child in ways and by means a child can understand. For example, were the young Western child to ask, “Why is the sky blue?’ or “Why cannot a brother marry his sister?’ or “Why is dishonesty not the best policy?’ the most effective answers adults can give are “because it is, because he can’t, because it isn’t. . . now go outside and play.” Complex feedback loops of economic-political-social-psychological forces are well beyond the ken of all children to understand and most adults to convey. However, Rabbi Moses Maimonides (cited in Ritter, 1992), who was also a physician of note, clearly articulated our thesis in the 13th century, when he wrote about the Jewish version of circumcision:

“The bodily injury caused to that organ is exactly that which is desired; it does not interrupt any vital function, nor does it destroy the power of generation. Circumcision simply counteracts excessive lust; for there is no doubt that circumcision weakens the power of sexual excitement.”

What is understood by young children is the concept of authority (Piaget, 1954, 1977). Children universally obey parents and elders. Once so inculcated, children are then predisposed to obey the supernatural, deceased ancestors, and omnipotent deities. If the unseen, powerful forces mandate circumcision, then circumcision it will be. Again, if all sons by all parents are affected, then the cultural rule will have less difficulty getting started and less difficulty in being maintained. There is no exception toward which parents can maneuver. If someone is a member of our group and is a young male, then ipso facto, that boy will be circumcised. …

The superficiality of his analysis of the impact on the pair bond should be an embarrassment.  What in the world does he think sexual pleasure is for?  Oxytocin (the bonding and fidelity hormone) release is strongly correlated with physiological measures of orgasmic intensity (see #1 below), which strongly implies that circumcision degrades the parental bond and increases the likelihood of divorce through its effects on both the primary victim and his lover (see #2 below).   The shrink’s abusive and dismissive approach to children and his authoritarian compulsions betray his own neuro-emotional impairment.   He’s a deformed fish swimming in toxic waste presuming to lead the rest of the “school” toward his idea of perfection.  Children need protection from such people.

Unfortunately such militant ignorance is common in the psychological “sciences,” which often function as little more than a rationalizing framework for the neuroses of its “experts.”  Parents beware.

#1: Relationships among cardiovascular, muscular, and oxytocin responses during human sexual activity

Abstract: To determine the psychophysiological correlates of hormonal response during sexual activity, systolic blood pressure (SBP), anal electromyography (EMG), and anal photoplethysmography (APG) were monitored continuously throughout testing in 13 women and 10 men. Each subject completed two or more tests of self-stimulation to 5 min beyond orgasm. Blood samples were obtained continuously for measurement of oxytocin (OT) levels. In both men and women, very high positive correlations were observed between the percentage change in levels from baseline through orgasm of: OT and SBP; OT and EMG intensity prior to and during orgasm; APG and EMG. The number of anal contractions and duration of orgasm were also highly correlated. Two patterns of orgasm were defined by the presence or absence of a quiescent period between orgasmic contractions. EMG and APG amplitudes correlated with the pattern of orgasm. Subjective orgasm intensity correlated significantly with increased levels of OT in multiorgasmic women only. The positive correlations between measures are consistent with a possible functional role for OT in human sexual response.Archives of Sexual Behavior, February 1994, Volume 23, Issue 1, pp 59-79

“Subjective orgasm intensity correlated significantly with increased levels of OT in multiorgasmic women only” may be an artifact of the ignorance of circumcised men and non-multiorgasmic women (who have only known circumcised mates, this research was done in the USA) of differences in orgasmic response, which certainly become more  impactful as the number of climaxes increases.  Expectations and satisfaction probably have a lot to do with oxytocin production.  Just a thought.

#2: The effect of male circumcision on the sexual enjoyment of the female partner

BJU INTERNATIONAL, Volume 83, Supplement 1, Pages 79-84, January 1, 1999.

MGM amputates the primary erogenous zone of the male body:

Marital Behavior, Oxytocin, Vasopressin, and Wound Healing

… These data confirm and extend prior evidence implicating oxytocin and vasopressin in couples’ positive and negative communication behaviors, and also provide further evidence of their role in an important health outcome, wound healing.

Oxytocin Modulates Social Distance between Males and Females

… Together, our results suggest that where OXT release is stimulated during a monogamous relationship, it may additionally promote its maintenance by making men avoid signaling romantic interest to other women through close-approach behavior during social encounters. In this way, OXT may help to promote fidelity within monogamous human relationships.

CIA Mind Control Project Financed Circumcision Psychological Research

More Research on Circumcision and Mind Control

PDF of “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate” online

The Search for the Manchurian Candidate
The CIA and Mind Control
John Marks

Published by Times Books
ISBN 0-8129-0773-6


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