The Death Of The Rust Belt

Their names are familiar to all of us: Cleveland, Flint, Youngstown, Saginaw, Gary, Toledo, Reading, Akron, Flint and Buffalo were all once booming manufacturing cities that were absolutely packed with thriving middle class families.  But now most of the manufacturing jobs are gone and all of those cities are just shadows of their former selves.  When you drive through many of these communities, you will notice that a lot of people have a really hollow look in their eyes.  Decades of slow, steady economic decline have really taken a toll, and even the architecture in these cities looks depressed.  But despite all of the decay, there is still evidence that there was once something truly great about these communities.  Will we be able to recapture that greatness before it is too late?

A lot of writers make economics really complicated, but the truth is that it does not have to be.  For example, if you want your country to have a great economy it has got to produce wealth.  And one of the primary ways to produce wealth is to make stuff.  Immediately after World War II, the United States had the greatest manufacturing base the world had ever seen and we outproduced the rest of the planet combined.  Great manufacturing cities sprouted up all over America and the middle class thrived.  It was truly a great time to be an American.

But then we decided to start shipping in cheaper products from overseas.  At first it didn’t create too much of a problem for our massive economy, but eventually the floodgates opened up and we lost tens of thousands of manufacturing facilities and millions upon millions of good paying jobs.  Our labor pool was merged with the labor pool of countries such as communist China where it is legal to pay slave labor wages to manufacturing workers.  Needless to say, our workers could not compete with that and our middle class …

Just a terrible mistake, economics is SO complicated that it took over 20 years to take the US from the biggest industrial powerhouse on the planet to a 3rd world country propped up by the fading US dollar.  It wasn’t “we” who decided to ship our jobs to china.  The author’s faith in the benevolence (and incompetence) of our so-called leaders is touching, but really he should take off the blinders and see who’s profiting from the collapse of this country.  We are under siege in an undeclared war.  Obama is only the latest trojan horse to be paraded around by the invisible empire.  It’s called the shock doctrine and it’s an economic weapon that that they’ve used for years to bring countries to their knees.  And it’s usually enforced by a police state, which has already been constructed and awaiting the next false flag attack to activate.

The level of criminality and betrayal in evidence here is only matched by the apathy and gullibility of the people who will suffer the consequences.

Plasma Battery Inventors Disappearing Regularly

Why do we still rely on oil to fuel our world? Perhaps you too have heard of inventors who develop a brilliant, clean, economical alternative to oil, only to have that story – and the inventor – disappear.  Here’s what happens and why…

Plasma Battery Inventors Disappearing Regularly | Peak Oil News and Message Boards.

As for the “C” word? Conspiracy? Consider the possibility that grown men do meet in boardrooms and make plans. The following quotes were made by David Rockefeller…

We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.

It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.

Now consider that they might not be altogether friendly plans, beneficial for the world…

For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure–one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.

― both quotes are from David Rockefeller

Monsanto Infiltrates Public School Curriculum

As if the mis-education of our youth wasn’t already a huge issue, guess what your tax dollars are now paying for? Monsanto is visiting local schools to tell twelve year olds all about the ‘good’ they are doing in the world as an ‘agricultural leader.’ As NaturalBlaze puts it, we’re not mentioning this to ‘attack’ schools for allowing Monsanto to ‘infiltrate’, but rather to let you know that Monsanto could very well be coming to a school near you.

One parent filmed his son when he returned from school recently to report that Monsanto had taken over his gym class, showed a power point presentation and passed out a deck of playing cards to students with the Monsanto logo emblazoned on it. Each card had a contrived fact on it, one stated, “the US produces 30% of the world’s soybeans.” Obviously there were no cards that told the truth about what Monsanto does – namely illegally profiting by taking over seed production all over the world and sewing genetically altered crops that require ever-increasing amounts of cancer-causing glyphosate to grow.

The father asked his son if the Monsanto representative had said anything about the chemicals that they were spraying on our food. The son said, “nope.” The father then asked if the representative told them about how Monsanto does business throughout the world. Again the child responded with, “nope.” Monsanto told children at his school that they created jobs for people and that they helped to feed the world.

Monsanto also told a fable to children about how one farmer tried to get rid of Monsanto seed and the stuff they spray on their crops and that it caused him great trouble. Additionally, the company warned against saving heirloom, organic seed, though this particular term wasn’t used.

When this child’s parent tried to contact the school about the uncanny way in which the Monsanto Corporation was trying to brainwash his child, he was referred to his child’s handbook. It turns out that the school’s principal was actually the one who set up permission for Monsanto to speak to the children:

 “The intro to my seventh grade school handbook/homework planner alerted us expressly that we were Human Resources for that state and that during school hours we belonged to the state and school.”

While the principal was apologetic about allowing Monsanto to speak to the children since the company is a ‘vilified entity’ he could not assure the parent that more propagandizing would not continue.

Similarly, the Council for Biotechnology Information (CBI)  has launched the “Biotechnology Basics Activity Book” for kids. With the intent to be used by ‘agriculture and science teachers’, the activity book spreads absurd lies about GMO crops — even going as far as to say that they ‘improve our health’ and ‘help the environment’.

It’s Getting Harder to Hide Infants from Questionable Vaccinations

The “health” establishment that wants to feed GMO’s, aluminum and fluoride to your kids and deny them breast milk says their immune systems need extra help figuring out what to do.  It ought to be a hard sell.  Sitting in the dirt in your (non-chemlawned) back yard probably teaches more about the microbiome than a hundred vaccines might be hoped to do.

The Hepatitis-B, or Hep-B, vaccination is one of the most dangerous and useless vaccines existing. Imposing it on newborns is criminal, especially when knowledgeable parents decline it for their kids. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what Erdem I. Cantekin, PhD of University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine had to say in an open letter to The Journal of the American Medical Association about the Hep-B vaccination that’s given at birth and repeated three more times in the next six month:

“There is no scientific evidence to justify HBV vaccination before the age when those risk factors associated with the HBV transmission (sex, needles, etc.) become relevant. Recent risk-benefit analysis show HBV vaccination among children carries one of the largest unjustified risks and substantial financial costs, second only to the new controversial conjugate pneumococcal vaccine. (Emphasis added)”

Dr. Russell Blaylock constantly warned how even without the toxins that vaccines contain, repeated vaccinations in early ages damage the immune system and create autoimmune diseases. More on that here.

Aliea Bidwell and Ben Gray, a monogamous couple who had their baby delivered at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, did not engage in either Hepatitis-B risk activity. They had done some really thorough research to decide against allowing the Hep-B vaccination, a decision which they announced upon arriving at the hospital without backlash.

St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham has tolerated parents’ wishes to not vaccinate newborns. And it’s not illegal in Alabama to refuse vaccinations based on medical or religious beliefs. Their son, Aaron, was born naturally, easily, and in perfect health per the hospital’s records.

Then Came the Vaccination Witch

When Dr. Terry M. Bierd, MD arrived as a staff pediatrician at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, even some hospital staffers were concerned with how she disregarded vaccination refusals. After noticing that neither parent had been tested for hepatitis B recently, Dr. Bierd decided to overrule the parents’ Hep-B vaccination refusal by invoking “doctor discretion” to override the parent’s decision.

Bierd had at first told Aaron’s parents and other family members that Alabama state law required the vaccination. But one of Aaron’s grandparents discovered this was not so upon calling a friend who was a judge. Then Bierd asserted doctor discretion allowed her to force the Hep-B vaccine. She threatened to seize their newborn son, Aaron, and have Child Protective Services (CPS) take him.

She announced this three times to Aliea and Ben while in the room with baby Aaron. The second announcement came boldly with 12 other family members visiting, all of whom witnessed this outrageous vaccination blackmail. Bierd gave them an ultimatum: ‘allow us to vaccinate Aaron with the Hep-B vaccine by tonight (Friday), or he’ll be taken away and vaccinated anyway. Then you can try to get him back after the weekend’.

The young, intimidated parents were forced to sign a consent form relieving the hospital and its staff of all liability. Having kids in this world has become very difficult. Home delivery and home schooling may be the only way to avoid at least the vaccination aspect of medical practice imposed on children.

USDA Considers GMO Contamination ‘Normal’

In a telling response to the highly concerning discovery that Monsanto’s genetically modified alfalfa ended up contaminating a ‘GMO-free’ crop harvest, the USDA went on record in declaring that the genetic contamination was perfectly normal and not any of their concern.

In fact, the USDA went on to say that there are measures in place to ‘minimize’ the widespread contamination of Monsanto’s genetically modified crop, and that’s all that’s required. What the organization is saying here is that it doesn’t matter if GMOs are contaminating ‘GMO-free’ crops, and it doesn’t even seem to matter that the very integrity of the international food supply is being mixed with genetically modified crop varieties. The agency tasked with keeping our food supply functioning safely even says that it’s really a ‘marketplace’ issue.

In the response reported by Reuters:

“USDA said the detection of Monsanto Co’s patented Roundup Ready herbicide-tolerant trait in the Washington farmer’s non-GMO alfalfa crop should be addressed by the marketplace and not the government.”

A marketplace issue? The agency tasked with handling specifically this subject in its entirety is telling us that it’s our problem and we need to just deal with it ourselves. That’s highly irresponsible of the USDA at the very least, but of course in reality it has much more to do with the fact that the USDA is under the deep influence of biotech juggernaut Monsanto. Why do you think that, as I told you back in February, the USDA is giving special ‘speedy approval’ to Monsanto on its new GMO crop varieties? …