NSA Snatching Facebook Photos for Facial Recognition Surveillance

The National Security Agency is collecting millions of images of people through its international surveillance network to be implemented in a number of other facial recognition programs, according to documents leaked by Edward Snowden….

Thanks to rapid advances being made in the field of facial recognition technology, the NSA is much better equipped to “exploit the flood of images included in emails, text messages, social media, video conferences and other communications,” according to an article in the New York Times, co-written by Laura Poitras, who, together with Glen Greenwald, are the only two journalists to have received the leaked NSA documents.

The NSA has the capacity to intercept “millions of images per day,” as well as some 55,000 “facial recognition quality images.” This latest milestone in US intelligence gathering, which goes a long way to putting the final touches on the much-feared Orwellian nightmare, gives the US spy agency “tremendous untapped potential,” according to the 2011 documents….


The Real Purpose of Common Core

Everything you have been told about Common Core is a lie. It is not a state initiative. It was not developed by educators. It is not going to better prepare students for college or real world applications. It is part of a century-long process of using the education system to mould students into more obedient workers and tax cattle. And it is promoted by billionaires with hidden agendas of their own.

American Education History Tour


The Underground History of American Education


Western NGO’s Role in Ukraine

A bit dated but still relevant.    The banksters have infiltrated a bewildering array of NGO’s and media organizations that people still look to for impartial information.   This technique was pioneered with the reagan/bush wars on latin america.  RT has its own viewpoints but still seems to be largely free of statist propaganda, perhaps only because it’s still too new to be completely corrupt.

The Crash Course

The Crash Course seeks to provide you with a baseline understanding of the economy so that you can better appreciate the risks that we all face. The Intro below is separated from the rest of the sections because you’ll only need to see it once…it tells you about how the Crash Course came to be.


The Lobotomization of the Internet Continues

I was researching “the octopus” (Danny Casolaro’s term) and ran across a reference to Michael Riconosciuto’s certified letter warning of the 9/11 attacks in feb 2001.  The link went nowhere and I turned to archive.org for a historical snapshot of the page.   But despite numerous snapshots being indexed there, the actual content was empty.  Methinks archive.org has been infiltrated.

This raises the overall issue of the ethereal nature of the vast treasure trove of knowledge on the net and how some of the best material has already been lost to the termites that labor tirelessly in the bowels of the beast.   It’s as if the era of the printing press which led directly to the enlightenment and the constitution had only lasted a few years before the vatican found and destroyed them all.    We stand at the brink of either a new dark age or a mass human awakening that will take us to the stars.   In view of our precarious position it would be a good idea to make your own backup copies of the stuff you find especially important on the net.

I finally found the document I was looking for right under my nose, buried in the reference section of this very site: “Ted Gunderson’s Investigative Collection”, an archive of scanned PDF’s put out by the former director of the LA branch of the FBI.   He was murdered for what he put together here.   If you backup nothing else from the network, make it a point to back up this collection, which is nowhere else on the web as far as I know.  You probably won’t initially believe some of what you find there, but in time you will.  So just stash it somewhere and come back to it when you find yourself disoriented and looking for answers.  You won’t like what you find, but you WILL be enlightened.

I’ve come to believe what my co-host and survivor of satanic abuse Kerth has said: the world is controlled by a luciferian theocracy.   Why?  Because it’s a logical religion for wealthy, emotionally impoverished sociopaths who have given up on their own lives and seek empowerment through the control of others.   This is an ancient cancer with tendrils through nearly every religious, political, medical and economic institution of the western world from the vatican to the NYT to the AMA to the “federal” reserve.  And it works very well because it’s well financed, multi-generational and not encumbered by human decency.

BTW: the document I was looking for is “Terrorists’ Activities Prior Knowledge Furnished to the FBI Six Months in Advance of 9-11”

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and the entries in the reference section from “conspiracy of silence” to “franklin case collection”.    The global network of elite pedophilia and child torture is only a means to an end.  The children are just collateral damage on the road to global domination.   They do it because it works.

Ancient History: CIA Helped Install Khomeini in Iran

No kidding!  Sounds crazy until you realize that it all comes down to funny money and force.   Ideology and “national interest” are just diversions, and the owners of the world don’t care about money, they can create it out of thin air.  They’re only interested in what they can buy with it, power.   Between the Shah and the Ayatollah, this country’s puppeteers owe Iran a huge apology.  If the clueless pawns of al qaeda ever figure out who their paymasters are, the WOT would come to a screeching halt, at least until the next false flag is blamed on american constitutionalists.  Then we’ll have to start all over again.

Anyway, I ran across this old post from my usenet days and thought I’d share:

I recently finished reading a book called “Witness” by Mansur Rafizadeh (Morrow and Company). Rafizadeh was Iran’s SAVAK (Iranian secret police) station chief in the US, and a covert agent for the CIA, from the mid 60’s until the fall of the shah. He has an interesting slant on things, to say the least .. painting glowing pictures of several heads of savak who he got to know personally (good soldiers who took and gave orders to ‘interrogate’ suspected subversives, I imagine … you don’t get to be head of one of the most notorious police organizations in the world by being a humanitarian). He also had, it seemed to me, a very naive view of the motives and methods of US policy towards iran, and of the US in general. Anyway, he gives some very interesting accounts of happenings in iran in the years around 1980.

A little background from the book:

“SAVAK was established in 1957 on the joint advice of the CIA, British intelligence, and MOSSAD (Israel’s secret service). By mutual consent, Britain had no active involvement in savak operations. Mossad was involved in textbook teaching, instruction in such things as preparation of reports and keeping files.

“The CIA, on the other hand, went all out. It took charge and became involved
in every aspect of savak’s daily operations.

“…. Under the provisions of the National Security Act, all human rights were taken away from the subjects of the shah. It was a magnificent piece of legal theft. It left not a single loophole, not a single right. It permitted the government, in the interests of national security, to arrest anyone without charges, without the necessity to inform either the accused or the department of justice of his or her whereabouts, or to specify the duration of imprisonment.

“The law was subject to furious questioning and opposition in parliament. In response to opposition stating that the law legalized torture, [a government representative said] ‘Well, if you don’t torture the accused, no one will ever reveal anything.’

“The Act was signed, torture was legalized, and the path was cleared for the formation of SAVAK.”

Here are some highlights from the book:

… In 1981, the Reagan administration ordered the CIA to begin courting Khomeni’s strongest opposition groups, purportedly to decide which group was most worthy of US support in overthrowing Khomeni. The CIA was able to convince these groups to cooperate and trust them by citing the following US motivations:

Revenge: America had experienced deep humiliation at the hands of the Khomeni regime. Human-rights concerns: “The american pro-human-rights position was well known.” Terrorism concerns: Iran was becoming known as a terrorist training ground.

The CIA let word leak out that it was undecided whether Iran should become a republic or return to a monarchy. The various competing underground factions were led to believe that they each had someone in CIA who supported their own particular cause. The CIA fostered this impression by assigning an officer to each group, who would give the illusion that he was sympathetic only to it. He would meet with the group’s leaders and lead them to believe that he could bolster their chances for CIA support if they could show proof of their faction’s strength in iran. “He might say something like: ‘If you want to strengthen your position, you must provide us with as many specifics as possible about your network in iran. You must give us the names of your people.’ ”

“All the leaders of these opposition groups fell for this ploy, hook line and sinker. During the next few months, they desperately vied with each other to provide as much information about their support people in iran as they could.”

“General Oveissi, like the rest of the opposition leaders, was a victim of this deception. At a meeting in Hamburg with a CIA liaison officer, the General and I discussed various civil servants, religious leaders and businessmen in Iran who supported General Oveissi. Then the CIA agent matter-of-factly produced a chart depicting the entire Iranian army structure, including names and ranks. He casually told General Oveissi, ‘Tell me which ones are yours. I’ll take this to Washington and discredit the other opposition groups and prove once and for all that you should be the leader. This will prove that you are the strongest. If you want to be Shah, we’ll make you Shah!’ ”

A few months later, the CIA gave all the information it had gathered to representatives of Khomeni. Over a thousand names had been provided by the opposition groups. Nearly all were captured and killed or imprisoned. (Remember the saturation coverage of the trials and executions of opposition leaders in Iran in late 1981 and 1982?) Thus, all the most potent forces for constructive change in Iran were neatly eliminated, and Khomeni’s previously precarious position as dictator of Iran became secure.

(As outlandish as this scenario might sound, it does corroborate other evidence in support of the ‘October Surprise’ theory dealing with the true origins of the Irangate affair.)

Postscript: “From my student days I had worked for one goal, a rule of justice and human rights for my oppressed country. The shah became monstrous, growing more and more cruel and tyrannous throughout his reign. I was to learn that the CIA, unbridled by accountability to the american public, cared little for justice and humanity, but cared a great deal for power, which it used arrogantly and dangerously.

“I believe in the essential goodness of people, and I believe that goodness can prevail if the truth is known. Through my book I hope to shed whatever light I can on this dark period of history. The truth is my last weapon. My father’s words words echo: ‘A lie has a short life. Soon it decays and the decay is the fertilizer from which a truth will grow and blossom, a truth that will last forever.’ “


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NATO Preparing for WWIII

The first strike nuclear strategy of the US has been a topic of high level discussion for years and is closely connected to the ABM bases NATO is installing around europe.  http://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/61508/keir-a-lieber-and-daryl-g-press/the-rise-of-us-nuclear-primacy

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List of Politicians Who Took Payoffs from Monsanto

It includes MO sens. Mccaskill and Blunt and reps. Hartzler and Luetkemeyer.


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