The Last Chance for Human Civilization

It’s a bit late in the game but it can’t be stressed enough that as america goes, so will the rest of the world.  The USA had the key to world peace after the collapse of the USSR, but it was squandered on empire games.  As the US becomes a police state under the fraudulent pretext of the self-inflicted “war on terror”, other countries will do the same in response to its external manifestations.  It’s still not too late to reverse course, but time is growing short. Of course the achilles heel of the traitors has always been the obviously staged attack of 9/11 and its precursors in oklahoma city and elsewhere, but if you’re still not there yet after the looking at the reference section here then there’s nothing I can say that will open your eyes.  May your chains rest lightly on you.

A review of US trade, education and drug policies over the past 20 years leads me to conclude that this country is worth more to finance capital as a resource extraction “sacrificial zone” and military enforcer than as an industrial power, mainly because american culture and what remains of constitutional law will not easily accomodate outright slavery such as exists in china.  The implication is that most of us will be targetted for extermination under one pretext or another.  A staged domestic terror attack blamed on dissidents, a gmo pandemic ( with real and fake vaccines, even war with russia would suit their depopulation agenda.  Not at all far fetched given the real history of nazi germany, whose intellectual and financial underwriters in new york and london spawned the current crop of aristocrats leading the way to national ruin.

In any case, the financial casino is looking pretty toppy and they’re going to need someone to frame for the economic collapse that they caused when it happens.  With the ukraine operation looking increasingly ugly, and the empire’s unsated thirst for global domination, war with russia would serve them well both domestically and abroad.  But who knows, maybe they’ll kick the can down the road some more.  I’ve always underestimated their patience.  But their options are steadily narrowing with increasing public awareness and diminishing support for the US dollar.

Anyway, not to be too sentimental or white-washy about american history, but the constitution was a damn good idea.  Here’s a ballad in remembrance of dreams gone by.

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