Circumcised at 18

People who profit from circumcision will tell you that a child does not feel it, will not remember it, and it will not affect his future sex life. Well, this gentle young man was circumcised at age 18 and he knows the difference. This is a very sad story. The full transcript of the interview is below the video. Read, watch, listen, and resolve to protect all children from adults with knives who practice this abusive sexual ritual. Cutting genitals is child abuse, whoever does it, no matter what excuse they employ. Keep adult hands off children’s genitals. If men only knew what they have lost…


I got circumcised when i was 18 and it has been a complete Nightmare since then. There really are no words to explain how traumatizing & devastating this has been. I did it because of various stupid insecure reasons (got made fun of in school, was told it would be a lot better etc..) not knowing at all the Hell i was getting myself into. Being young & naive i did not look into the dark history or anything else about circumcision thinking that they would tell me everything i needed to know. I also didn’t know that it was really only done in America for the most part.

Well if i only knew then what i know now…. I did it strictly for the look (just to fit in) and of course the doctor did not let me know anything at all or tell me any of the consequences (which is their responsibility to do if they are operating on someone and someone’s life is in their hands). I actually was told that I would have more feeling & sensation which I know now is the biggest Lie in the world Ever. I still can’t believe that they told me that.

After they did it i basically had no sensation or feeling at all in my penis. I knew something was completely not right but i thought if i just waited maybe things would change but it only got worse. I was in total denial for a long while because i didn’t want to believe that things were as bad as they were. One day reality hit me though. And it hit me hard. As hard as it was i knew i had to stop being in denial to move on and heal.

When i called up the doctor to tell him how upset i was he said that it’s me and that kind of thing does not happen. He cut me off and said he’s busy and not to call him again. Then he hung up on me. They never even charged me for having it done which i didn’t understand at the time. He knew though after i talked to him that he screwed up not telling me what the consequences were and they were hoping that i didn’t pursue legal action (which i did try to do a little too late). I received a statement in the mail saying “Thank you for your complete payment.” I didn’t even pay them yet either so i didn’t understand what the hell was going on at the time.

Sexually though i seriously went from a 10 to basically a zero and i did not really understand what was going on and had no idea what to do. It was just such a shock and so traumatizing to experience such an extreme difference in feeling and sensation. I really got into a very deep dark depression and basically have been really depressed since then. I maybe have gotten a little better but not that much. I try not to be as suicidal and self destructive but it’s definitely not easy because it still comes back to haunt me all the time, constantly. I have nightmares a lot too. I just can’t believe people and doctors can completely ruin a person’s life like that and still get away with it. It does not make any sense at all. Circumcision is just evil and should be outlawed.

I did finally try to sue but they said i waited too long. I guess i wasted too much time locked up in my room being depressed and numb. If only i had known i could and looked into suing earlier. I didn’t have a computer at the time and the internet is where most of the information was. I really wish i had a computer at that time. Maybe things would have been different.

I joined NORM in Pittsburgh to get some kind of help through this nightmare and hopefully i will eventually get some sensation and enjoyment back again. I’ve been restoring for 3 1/2 years and i seemed to have grown a good amount of outer skin. I’m almost completely covered when soft. i think i’m at a plateau now though. I still have had no increase in sensation at all which is what i’m really worried about and don’t know if i ever will.

I was cut extremely bad. I had a very long foreskin. They took my whole frenulum and practically all of my inner mucosa. I really would like to learn how to grow the inner mucosa. I know that does take a lot longer to grow than the outer skin. I don’t know though if i will have any enjoyment again because of the circumcision.

I’m really trying to be patient though and to keep hoping that with time maybe i will get something back and there will be some kind of improvement hopefully. Right now though it’s like i don’t even have a penis. I can’t even masturbate anymore and it’s definitely not psychological. I know for a fact that it is because of the circumcision.

It’s extremely depressing. My brain still kinda remembers how unbelievably good it always felt being intact and how i so enjoyed it then, so that makes it even worse. It’s really a battle every single day to just keep it together. I know it will never be like it was but any improvement of sensitivity is better than what it’s like now. I get no sexual enjoyment at all anymore because of circumcision.

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