Is anarchist philosophy an Illuminati scam?


Have you ever noticed how the global symbol for anarchy looks like the all seeing eye on the dollar bill, a symbol that has been hijacked by the Illuminati. Anarchists are opposed to all forms of government, apparently except the rule of corporations–which they want unregulated. Although it’s impossible to put all anarchists into the same box, it’s notable how they wind up serving the purposes of the Illuminati so often. While claiming to endorse personal freedom, like the supreme court they seem to feel that corporations are people too. Laissez faire economics with its rejection of all regulations serves the billionaires of the Illuminati while harming the working class. The best defense against the complete control of the wealthy aristocrats has always been democracy, and this is what the anarchists fail to realize. Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati Doctrine calls for false philosophies to be promoted. It also calls for agent provocateurs to promote violent attitudes among legitimate democracy movements so as to justify police actions against them. Anarchy provides the perfect excuse for these Illuminati purposes. You need to realize that any philosophy which isn’t promoting democracy is serving the Illuminati. Below is a link to an article which puts forth some ideas about how democracy can be made to work. It’s called THE PROTOCOLS OF LIBERTY
The Protocols of Liberty

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