Predicting the Future: China’s Ghost Cities

There’s no better indication of the destroyer’s future plans than the massive over-construction of uninhabited cities in china.  Even if they are empty shells as rumored, they are clearly being marketed to an expected influx of wealthy expatriates.

The fact that China has an unprecedented excess capacity glut, also known as an epic overinvestment/construction bubble, is by now well-known and acknowledged by even the most ardent Chinaphiles. Perhaps nowhere is China’s outlier nature in this regard more obvious than in the following chart showing per capita cement consumption vs GDP.

Look at where the USA is on this chart.  Clearly we are to be turned into a ghost country, probably to be dominated by extraction industries like mining and oil.


Voter-qualified Democracy Controversy

There is a controversial idea that I’ve heard of, which you may being hearing of in the future. This is called Voter-qualified democracy. This means that the right to vote would not be given automatically once someone becomes an adult. Voter Qualification means that citizens would have to in some way prove to the State that they deserve to be a voter. In the Old South after the Civil War, this type of technique was used to keep blacks and poor whites from having the vote. Because most slaves had been compelled by their circumstances to be illiterate, even after being freed, they still couldn’t read. So some districts in the Old South passed laws saying that a citizen had to pass a literacy test in order to earn the right to vote. This kept blacks from having the right to vote. The racism behind such laws was obvious, and they were repealed. The Sci-Fi story by Robert Heinlein, STARSHIP TROOPERS, is set in a world of the future where only those who have served in the military have the right to vote. Such a form of Voter Qualification would only make sense in an oppressive military police state. What I’ve heard about recently on the grapevine is that wealthy aristocrats are going to promote the idea of Voter Qualification based upon wealth. This idea will be that only the wealthiest 1% of the world’s population would be allowed to vote. This would make the Global Government into a permanent plutocracy. People who are born into wealth would be born into voting rights and people who were born into poverty would never have the right to vote. In such a world there would only be aristocrats and peasants. I think the injustice of such an idea is obvious, and this is why I distrust any idea for democracy based on voter qualification. There seems to be a planned economic crash which will take place in 2014. If and when it happens, it could be the end of the American middle class. The final suppression of the American middle class could open the door to Global Government–and what is being planned is a Global Government of the wealthiest 1%. In such a government, only the wealthy would have rights. However, it is predictable that such a government would be unstable for many reasons, and it would eventually collapse. In such a case, the question would come up as to how to build up a democratic system in American after the Global Plutocracy fails. There have been some people in think tanks who do analysis of the future trends using computers, games theory and advanced economic theory. I’ve talked with such persons who believe that the scenario which I’ve just described here will take place. In the rebuilding of civilization after an economic collapse in America and after the collapse of the Global Plutocracy (which presently rules the world covertly) there might be a reasonable use of voter qualification. The rebuilding of democracy might have to be done step by step after the collapse of civilization. In the first step the vote would be given only to those persons that the new democracy needs to rebuild a society: the military, the police, the judges, the doctors, the nurses, the teachers and other people with vital skills. Once civilization based on authentic democracy has been given a foothold again, then the right to vote could be extended to others as they are able to rejoin society in a useful way. Personally I hope it doesn’t come to that–I hope that the economy doesn’t collapse in the near future. Whatever happens, I believe that democracy will prevail.

The reason our system of government has become so corrupted is because people have been deceived with propaganda and also in many cases brainwashed with MK Ultra type mind control. There is a system for deprogramming the victims of mind control, I call this system Fabian Therapy and I’ve written an article on it, the link to which is below.
Fabian Therapy for Mind Control