Indonesia and the closeted monsters of the secret government

Every one of them circumcised
Every one of them circumcised, just like their american “advisors”

After the 1965 military coup, planned and sponsored by the West, between 2 and 3 million Indonesian citizens vanished, were murdered in a several months long orgy of terror. The military and the NUs (the largest Muslim organization in the country) youth wing, Ansor, participated zealously in the killings, along with hundreds of thousands of ordinary Indonesian citizens.

The victims were members of the PKI (the Communist Party of Indonesia, which by then was the third-largest Communist Party in the world, after those of China and the USSR), men and women of Chinese ethnicity, intellectuals, teachers or simply those accused of sympathizing with the leftists and atheists.

Everything “left-wing” has been banned, even words like “class,” just in case someone would actually dare to think about or analyze things like “class struggle” or “class division.”

Chinese language and culture were forbidden, and so were red Chinese lamps, dragons and even traditional cakes.

The destruction of Chinese culture was only the tip of the iceberg. For decades, Indonesia went through a total cultural and intellectual blackout. Theaters and film studios were shut down, and writers, singers, artists and leading intellectuals were imprisoned or murdered. Independent thought was discouraged.

“The goal was clear,” said Djokopekik, arguably the greatest Indonesian painter and a former “prisoner of conscience” in Suharto’s prisons. “It was… to create as many ‘buffalos’ [?] as possible. To make Indonesian people totally stupid and obedient.”…

“Buffalo” is an interesting term, but I think “sheep in wolves clothing” is more descriptive.  And if you think this is of no concern to americans, consider what the USA “accomplished” in latin america under bush/reagan.  The glorified US “special forces” assigned to teach torture and terror to the peasant soldier/slaves managed to help gut the american economy by making our “backyard” safe for corporate sweat shops.  Not just criminals, not just sickos, but even with respect to their own “patriotism”, they were flat out idiots.  That’s the kind of predator drones controlled by the real government in washington, who terrorize americans with the “war on terror” hoax while picking their pockets and zombifying their kids.  And it seems the so-called progressive left in this country is just fine with allowing the 9/11 terrorists to spout obvious lies to justify their pillage and plunder.  There is no functional difference between such denial and the atrocities it enables.

Take a look at the photo above.  You’ll be meeting them soon.  And by then it will be too late to out the devils that made them the way they are.   The way you are, if you’re an american male.

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