United States Government is a Luciferian Theocracy

There is a youtube video of House stenographer Diane Reidy testifying the truth before Congress that they are all sons of the devil. In fact, the top leaders of the US government are all Luciferians. They are all members of Luciferian secret societies. This woman was simply telling the truth in this video linked below.
These Luciferians are able to maintain power in part through their mind control methods. Years ago a group of scientist insiders developed a method for deprogramming the victims of MK Ultra type Trauma Based mind control. I call this method Fabian Therapy. It really works. This information may be suppressed, I suggest you make copies and send them to others. The Link below has this PDF article.
It’s difficult for Americans to realize that our country is really a secret Theocracy. We don’t actually have a secular government. We have the Illusion of a secular government, and the reality of a Luciferian secret society Theocracy. There are many examples of occult symbolism around Washington DC. The true anti-Christ was Adam Weishaupt. On May 1st, 1776 he founded the Illuminati Luciferian religion that presently rules this country and most of the world. These Illuminati members are brainwashed cult members just like the Moonies or the Jim Jones cult. Below is a link to my youtube video on how to deprogram the Illuminati Doctrine.
Because Luciferianism is a secret religion, its leaders don’t feel that they have to justify themselves to society. They can pretend to be Christians while secretly betraying the citizens who trust them. People might think that Diane Reidy went crazy, but actually during her rant before the house, she was probably the only sane person in the room.

(the primary means by which the secret societies entrap politicians and other powerful people is via pedophilia-linked blackmail.  See http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2014/12/franklin-coverup-the-white-house-call-boy-ring/ -rw)

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