THE D.U.M.B.s Scam

I’ve received some information from my Illuminati insiders sources. The DUMBs, Deep Underground Military Bases, are supposed to be a hiding place in the upcoming genocide of the American people done by the NWO in their global takeover. Many Illuminati insiders have been told that they will be able to move into the Ghost Cities in China or into a DUMB when the planned genocide takes place. But those Illuminati insiders who have been promised shelter, for the most part, will be betrayed. Insiders have told me that there is something called DUMBs syndrome where persons who spend too much time underground get sick for reasons no doctor can explain. There have been reports that these bases are rigged with bombs and toxic weapons that can be set off remotely. So if you walk into a DUMB, you are walking into a death trap. Also these places are built like prisons. Not only are they designed to keep out unwanted persons. Once you are in one, you can’t get out without permission. Remember the old TV ads for Roach Motels extermination devices. “Roaches check in but they don’t check out!” Well guess what. If you’re one of the lucky Illuminati insiders to have a place reserved in a DUMB for yourself and your family–you may be allowed to check in, but don’t be sure that you’ll ever check out. This is also true for Illuminati insiders who have bought property in China’s Ghost Cities. Those big empty cities in China where the elite can go to avoid the genocide in America. The top Illuminati leaders not only want to get rid of those pesky American patriots who believe in the Constitution. They also want to get rid of their loyal Illuminati servants who they won’t need anymore once the genocide begins. And of course you know that the FEMI camps are similar death traps. I’ve tried to create some materials to help give people a clue. First off, the Illuminati have acquired their power through wealth. I have a youtube video ILLUMINATI EVIL WEALTH SECRETS. The link to this is below.

Also, another way to help defeat the Illuminati is to help deprogram those who have been brainwashed to obey its doctrine. The worse form of mind control is trauma based, such as Monarch or MK Ultra type mind control. I’ve written an article available on the internet through PDF file called Fabian Therapy that explains a method for deprogramming the victims of trauma based mind control. The link for this is below.
LINK TO FABIAN THERAPY TO DEPROGRAM MIND CONTROL deals with many subjects, but the source problem to all these issues is the Illuminati Doctrine, as I explain in my youtube video the link to which is below.
If you are an Illuminati insider, you don’t have to let yourself and your family be marched into extermination like roaches marching into a Roach Motel. If you are a free American, you don’t have to wait for the UN genocide troops to invade America. Don’t be passive. Inform people about these links above and tell them about

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