I’ve known about the Illuminati since childhood, but I never talked about it in public until a few years ago on the radio. Before I started openly communicating about what I knew, I received baptism and made my peace with God because I knew that the Illuminati sometimes kills people for talking. When I was young, if someone even tried to publish something revealing the existence of the Illuminati then that journalist was dead, usually before he could actually publish anything at all. But the internet opened up everything, and the Illuminati isn’t so strict anymore — not out of kindness — but because they have so much power now they’ve gotten arrogant. They don’t have to bother with killing everyone who talks about them. Eventually they may get around to killing all the pesky truthers, but they seem to feel that they can wait for a while. I’m explaining all of this because after I talked on the radio about aristocratic Luciferianism and such, I was contacted by some very cautious people who claimed to be insiders. They wanted to share some ideas they had about reforming the Illuminati from the inside. I told them that I didn’t believe the Illuminati would ever reform itself, but they thought that if they put some of their ideas out into the world that this might stimulate change within the Illuminati system. I found some of their ideas interesting and I put some of them on the website. You should understand that these insiders who fed me this info were not interested in destroying the Illuminati–they foolishly thought it could be reformed. I put out some of their ideas because it offered me a chance to criticize the Illuminati. I would post articles based on my conversations with them and they would read the articles and contact me to talk some more. This odd communication between us  went on for some time. However, I’ve just received a message from them that they aren’t going to share info with me anymore. They’ve claimed that two members of their reform group were killed by Illuminati. I can’t confirm this in any way. I never even learned these people’s names. But my feeling is that this did happen. I was informed that a man was shot to death and that days later a woman was killed in a rather brutal manner with a sword. This was done as a message from the Illuminati leadership to their slaves. The Illuminati is not to be reformed from within. The moral of this story is this. The Illuminati talks of high ideals when they first recruit their members. But really it is just a criminal secret society. This criminal secret society just happens to virtually rule the world right now. I’ve put out some information that has never been made public before–it explains in detail a technique that has been successfully used in the past to deprogram people subjected to Illuminati, CIA and Satanic mind control. It is on this link below. If you find it useful make copies and print outs because it may be suppressed.
also I’ve done a video that explains how to defeat the Illuminati cult, below is its link.

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