Sabotaging the Food Supply: BP Shrimp

Marine toxicologist Riki Ott points out the malformities in the shrimp recently coming out of the Gulf of Mexico (on November 11, 2012) as a result of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the chemical dispersant used in clean up process.

Shrimp have been found with blackened guts and lungs, tumors, mis-shapen heads, and some shrimp found without even eye sockets. Says Ott, “I have never seen this happen after an oil spill, these mutated wildlife…I believe this was because of the dispersant. The extraordinary spraying of just mass quantities of dispersant at the surface, at the sub-surface, day after day for months.”

This video is a bonus feature on the DVD DIRTY ENERGY: THE DEEPWATER HORIZON DISASTER directed by Bryan D. Hopkins and available on DVD/VOD from Cinema Libre Studio 1/22/2012.

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Teaching Sadomasochism in the Obstetrical Ward

When the penis of an infant is in a state of erection the operation is more easily performed and the dressing more efficiently applied. The manipulation of the organ necessary to grasp the prepuce is generally sufficient to stimulate the increased blood supply requisite for an erection.” — The Surgery of Ritual Circumcision by Rabbi Snowman…..

… (Above) The physician has stimulated Ben, forcing an erection. This allows the prepuce to be torn easier, for the clamp or bell to be placed tightly, and for cutting to take place with a slightly reduced chance of accidental glans (head) amputation. Others have noted that this is truly the first time in a baby’s life that sex (manual stimulation of the penis to cause an erection) and violence (the non-consential, painful cutting up of the penis) mix. The Gomco clamp is used on Ben. It is one of the two most commonly used circumcision clamps in the United States, the second being the Plastibell. There are some parents who are told that the Plastibell does not involve cutting. This is not true. The prepuce is still torn apart from the glans, the bell is placed on the raw glans, the prepuce is pulled up over the glans, a string (instead of metal clamp) is tied around the prepuce, and everything above the string is cut off. There is no such thing as a “blood free” or “knife free” circumcision surgery. To view a Plastibell circumcision and learn more see this page.

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