Africa: The Growing Campaign to Revoke Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize that President Obama received 40 months ago has emerged as the most appalling Orwellian award of this century. No, war is not peace.

George Carlin used to riff about oxymorons like “jumbo shrimp,” “genuine imitation,” “political science” and “military intelligence.” But humor is of the gallows sort when we consider the absurdity and tragedy of the world’s most important peace prize honoring the world’s top war maker.

This week, a challenge has begun with the launch of a petition urging the Norwegian Nobel Committee to revoke Obama’s Peace Prize. By midnight of the first day, nearly 10,000 people had signed. The online petition simply tells the Nobel committee: “I urge you to rescind the Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded to Barack Obama.” …

There WERE people who warned us about this CIA trojan horse long before he took power.  Webster Tarpley and Alex Jones were especially outspoken.

Intactivists Get Graphic

An otherwise quiet and peaceful post-holiday afternoon was marked by a rather unusual protest even for Ocean City standards when representatives of the “Bloodstained Men” activist group set up shop at the foot of the Route 50 bridge to get their message out.

Passersby on Route 50 at N. Division Street on Tuesday afternoon witnessed three men and one woman wearing white coveralls with a red paint splotch on the crotch symbolizing generations of male children circumcised at birth and called for the abolition of the centuries-old practice. The small group in Ocean City on Tuesday was an extension of a much larger event in Washington D.C. last week marking the 20th anniversary of Genital Integrity Awareness Week. The Ocean City protest on Tuesday also coincided with the 16th anniversary of a ban on female circumcision passed in the U.S. in 1997. …

Could Gold and Silver Coins Become Legal Tender in Your State?

Confidence in the U.S. dollar is so low that 13 states are poised to recognize gold and silver coins as legal tender.

Arizona is the latest state set to make the move.

Monday, the Republican sponsored Arizona measure sailed through the House of Representatives 36-2. The bill moves on for another vote in the Senate, where it got its first nod Feb. 28 in a 17-11 vote.

Should it land on Gov. Jan Brewer’s desk, it’s good as gold.

Sen. Chester Crandall (R-AZ), the bill’s sponsor, says the move “is the logical thing for the state of Arizona to do.”

The bill doesn’t mean residents will pay for groceries and utilities with the coins. It’s more of a backup plan that provides “a lifeboat for Arizona so that we can construct Plan B” when paper currency is no longer widely accepted.

Utah led the way in 2011 when it sanctioned bullion as currency with the Legal Tender Act.

States considering similar bills include Colorado, Kansas, Idaho, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Virginia. …

“Dark Alliance” 2.0: The Federal Reserve, Wall Street and the Laundering of Drug Money

Although journalists and researchers have spent decades documenting the links between secret state intelligence agencies like the CIA and organized crime conglomerates who butter their bread through global narcotics rackets, the role of major financial institutions in the grisly trade continues to be relegated by corporate media to the realm of “conspiracy theory.”

But in the wake of rising public anger over the Obama administration’s collusion with Wall Street drug banks, we were informed by The New York Times that the “Federal Reserve hit Citigroup with an enforcement action on Tuesday over breakdowns in money laundering controls that threatened to allow tainted money to move through the United States.”

According to the Times, the Federal Reserve “took aim at Citigroup and its subsidiary Banamex USA over failure to monitor cash transactions for potentially suspicious activity.”

The Fed’s Consent Order charged that Citigroup and Banamex USA “lacked effective systems of governance and internal controls to adequately oversee the activities of the Banks with respect to legal, compliance, and reputational risk related to the Banks’ respective BSA/AML [Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering] compliance programs.”

An unnamed bank spokeswoman told the Times, “Citi has made substantial progress in a comprehensive manner across products, business lines and geographies,” and will continue “to take the appropriate steps to address remaining requirements and build a strong and sustainable program.”

Nothing to see here, right?

Tellingly however, neither Citigroup nor Banamex USA admitted wrongdoing. In what is standard boilerplate in such agreements, the Fed meekly submitted that their “enforcement action” was issued “without this Order constituting an admission or denial by Citigroup of any allegation made or implied by the Board of Governors.” Nor did the Fed “give specific examples of problems” at either bank, Reuters reported.

During Senate Banking Committee hearings last month, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) grilled federal banking regulators over their non-prosecution of Wall Street drug banks.

Referencing penalties levied against HSBC after the British banking giant was caught red-handed laundering billions of dollars for Colombian and Mexican drug cartels, Warren demanded: “What does it take? How many billions of dollars do you have to launder for drug lords” before a criminal prosecution?

Judging by the actions of Obama’s Justice Department, apparently the sky’s the limit. …

Petro Dollar Dying as China Bypasses Dollars in Oil Trade and Swaps Them for US Assets

The final gutting of the country is at hand.  China will take possession of what amounts to  collateral on the fraudulent debt created in our name which enriched the parasites who control the federal reserve.  The only remaining defense is to boycott federal reserve notes.  Not an easy task given the level of ignorance out there.  But if everyone did it, we could block the sale of the physical USA.

This is the stuff of major wars.  The evil spirit of empire that jumped from britain to the USA has overplayed its hand.  No problem, it will jump to a new body when it needs to, but not before destroying the old.

expect blood & fire false flag Apr. 19 to May 1st 2013

In Satanism, the 13 days between Apr. 19th to May 1st are ritualistically important. The publicly witnessed Satanic slaughter of the children at the Waco compound and OK City false flag bombing both took place on Apr. 19th for a reason. Remember May 1st,, 1776 was the date upon which the Illuminati was founded. (See my video on Youtube by doing a search “Illuminati Doctrine Political”) The number 13 is important in Luciferianism for a number of reasons. Lunar cycles and so forth. So the year 2013 is particularly important for the May Day Satanic rituals. Expect much blood and fire and perhaps a high body count. They’ll want to kill children in large numbers I should expect. In the wake of the bloody false flag operation they’ll blame some other groups, terrorists of some kind, and take away even more human rights from us. They may crack down on dissidents. To be forewarned is to be prepared. Good luck. Pray for the victims. Know that I will.