Intelligence Linked “Leftist” SPLC Warns of “Right Wing Threat”

These labels (left vs right) mean absolutely nothing in today’s orwellian world.  The SPLC is almost certainly an intelligence front as evidenced by their role in the OKC bombing false flag (see “OKC Bombing: What you’re not supposed to know” in the reference section)

The SPLC fosters division by sowing irrational fear of conservatives by progressives.   Authentic non-corporate conservatives have a hell of a lot in common with authentic leftists.  Everyone can agree on the value of the bill of rights.  Everyone but whoever the SPLC is working for, that is.  I wonder if they believe the murder of the 60 children at the Murrah day care center was worth it.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a leftist “civil rights” outfit that has been criticized and ridiculed from across the political spectrum, issued its latest “Intelligence Report” about the supposed threat posed by “Patriot” groups and other right-wing “extremists.” Employing its usual deceptive tactics in a transparent but failed effort to lump Christians and constitutionalists in with racists and terrorists, the SPLC claimed the number of “anti-government extremist” organizations had reached “record” levels — and that the increase was due in large part to the fact that President Obama is half black.

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