Dr. Mengele Still Scheming Against Children

Previously, the vaccine industry has been unable to come up with a plausible way to administer vaccines to newborn babies because the freshly-born infants’ immune systems typically do not respond well to foreign immune stimulators. But as reported by Boston Children’s Hospital, a team of scientists from the Massachusetts-based health facility, and led by Dr. Ofer Levy, M.D., Ph.D., has discovered a synthetic molecular component that reportedly triggers an immune response in undeveloped immune systems.

According to the paper, the synthetic compound type, which is known collectively as benzazepines, was found to stimulate an exceptionally strong immune response in a specific immune receptor known as Toll-like receptor 8, or TLR 8. TLR 8 samples taken from newborn cord blood revealed that benzazepines can target certain white blood cells and trigger an immune response similar to what would occur in an older child or in an adult given a vaccine.

One particular benzazepine, VTX-294, was observed to trigger a “robust production of cytokines,” which are the chemical components responsible for initiating an immune response inside the body. Based on their findings, researchers concluded that VTX-294 is at least 10 times more effective at stimulating TLR 8 than any other known substance, which makes it a viable candidate for insertion into future vaccines.

Newborn vaccines to damage natural immune development

What this means is that a whole new line of vaccines containing VTX-294 and other benzazepines could soon emerge specifically for babies under two months old. And as soon as the benzazepine class of chemicals is approved for commercial use, you can expect doctors and nurses at hospitals and healthcare facilities to begin pressuring parents of newborns to have their children vaccinated immediately after birth, when their immune systems have had no time whatsoever to develop naturally. …


One would hope that these rocket scientists would get a dose of humility from the medical marketing of tobacco and hydrogenated fats, or the circumcision/obstetrical abuse disaster or the infant formula stupidity or the autism epidemic or the psychiatric brain damage and PTSD epidemic or the abhorrent statistics for medically-induced mortality.  But it seems their messianic compulsion to “help” knows no bounds.  I’m sure the money has nothing to do with it.
An “undeveloped” immune system is still in the process of forming its basic template for distinguishing self from non-self.  That’s why breast feeding has such an impact on  immunizing against infection.  Deliberately putting the system into crisis mode before that template is formed may well create later autoimmunity problems.   But it seems anyone parading around with a white coat and stethescope has a license to kill in this country.

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