Will American Troops Commit Genocide Against American Citizens?

Check out the video about Bahrain in the next article and ask yourself whether a government that commits such atrocities abroad (only the most recent in an endless list dating back many decades) couldn’t impose a similar program at home.  Why haven’t they already?  Perhaps our labor was more valuable than the resources under our feet.  But that has changed with globalization.  There is no more telling indication of where we’re heading than the export of our industrial infrastructure abroad and the carefully engineered and executed economic bubble and its implosion, and the dollar collapse which is looming just ahead.  Obviously newly impoverished people will react to the theft of their future.  It’s irrational to think the satanic pedophile banksters (seriously, that appears to be what they’re into) who have bought the government with trinkets and beads haven’t prepared for this reaction.

Just how far will people go to please authority figures and subsequently do what they know to be immoral? The first known laboratory test for groupthink occurred in 1963 by Yale professor, Stanley Milgram. Subjects for this landmark study were recruited for the Yale study through newspaper ads and direct mail. The participants were men between the ages of 20 and 50, from all educational backgrounds, ranging from an elementary school dropout to participants with doctoral degrees.

Milgram wanted to determine what percentage of people would willingly administer enough progressive electric shocks which would result in death simply based on the orders of a perceived authority figure (i.e., the experimenter). …


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