Pavlov’s Infant

SUCKER FOR VOWELS A Swedish newborn takes part in an experiment in which rates of pacifier sucking indicated that babies can tell some native speech sounds from foreign ones within hours of birth.

All in the name of science.  I’m sure this kid volunteered for this mother and sensory deprivation, straitjacketing and exposure to endocrine disrupting pacifier chemicals (look up the word “pacify”) at a time when his brain is exploding with new neurons and information encoding.   The fact that babies routinely suffer this kind of isolation and pacification for many hours of every day has blinded even scientific researchers to the long term toxicity of such treatment, which a more “primitive” society would see for what it is.  And yet the research is out there for anyone to see, as you can discover in the munchausen obstetrics article and the article below:

How the Empire’s Child Abusers Censored Revolutionary Research into Causes of Violence

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