Stopping Violence at the Source

Here’s a simple, cheap, intuitive and commonsensical approach to reducing violence in society.  Children who have difficult births followed by maternal rejection are about 4 times more likely to be violent as adults.
My guess that this is a serious underestimate because the two determining factors are judged by conventional medical criteria, not by the baby’s perception. But in any case, how would the infant perceive standard obstetrical care in this country?

First of all, depending on the specific OB, it can be obstructive to the process (birthing on the back, epidurals blocking contractions), violent (forecep delivery, chemical induction), painful (internal fetal heart monitor) suffocating (prolonged movement through the vagina followed by immediate cord clamping before the baby starts breathing), traumatic (c-section), torturous (circumcision) and ending in maternal rejection (the removal to “isolettes” and lack of touch and carrying that would normally occur with breast feeding is in itself a surefire way to increase adult violence, see ). Of course any mammal would perceive lack of breast feeding as maternal rejection. Think about it.

Consider the fact that it’s the fetus that initiates labor through the release of hormones. The fetus is an active participant in its own birth, pushing with its feet and writhing through the birth canal. A normal, self-made birth would be any baby’s proud accomplishment, its first lesson in self-empowerment. How would it perceive an induced delivery? Since it didn’t initiate it and doesn’t want it, it would perceive it as a miscarriage, another form of maternal rejection.

It’s spooky to consider the similarities between conventional obstetrics and the CIA’s formula for psychological torture (trauma and pain combined with sensory deprivation; see ).

Babies need normal births and normal childcare with normal families. This is what we’re evolved for, it’s what creates happy compassionate adults.

What we have currently is the result of decades of profit driven medicine with no corrective feedback from one of the two people involved in every birth. Americans are being imprinted (actually brainwashed) with sociopathy, disempowerment, pain, rage and violence. Families are falling apart due to reduced parental bonding that would normally occur through sex. (circumcision is a sensory lobotomy, see ).

For a more comprehensive treatment of this subject, see .  Also see

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