nonviolent revolution

When Jesus attacked the money changers at the temple he showed that he knew who the real enemy was. The money changers took over the US government a hundred years ago with the Fed. Now we are under their attack in every way. Chem trails pollute our air. Chemicals are put in our water and food. We are kept in constant war and controlled with debt. If the US economy is allowed to collapse as the money changers plan, there will be violent revolution and that would be tragic for everyone. But a nonviolent revolution is still possible. It would begin with taxing Wall Street. The stock market is a complex system and the appropriate taxing of it would have to be complex. But such taxation, if done correctly, would prevent the coming economic collapse. The politicians in Washington don’t have the will to stand up to their masters in Wall Street. The question is can the American people find the will to finally join the fight against the money changers?

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