Kennedy “Secret Society” Speech Was About “Communism”

Excerpts of this speech are widely used on the net in the context of exposing secret societies like skull and bones, but in listening to the entire speech, it’s clear that he’s talking about communism.  (I put communism in quotes mainly because it appears to have been a puppet creation of capitalist financiers carrying out their plan of world domination.  See, for instance the interview with Norman Dodd of the US House Committee on Tax Exempt Foundations, linked in the reference section under “Congressional investigator on elite plans for world government”).   Is it possible that Kennedy was unaware of the power of these cabals or their fraudulent machinations which control the monetary system?  His minting of silver certificates, probably the most proximate cause of his assassination, argues that he may have been clueless on the topic.  In any case, in the interest of setting the record straight, here’s the full speech.