The Nazis Who Control the US National Security State

Several recently declassified US military training manuals show how US agents taught repressive techniques and promoted the violation of human rights throughout Latin America and around the globe. The manuals provide the paper trail that proves how the US trained Latin American and other militaries to infiltrate and spy upon civilians and groups, including unions, political parties, and student and charitable organizations; to treat legal political opposition like armed insurgencies; and to circumvent laws on due  process, arrest, and detention. In these how-to guides, the US advocates tactics such as executing guerrillas, blackmail, false imprisonment, physical abuse, using truth serum to obtain information, and paying bounties for enemy dead. Counterintelligence agents are advised that one of their functions is “recommending targets for neutralization,” a euphemism for execution or destruction. …!topicsearchin/

These are the people who are waiting for the end of the second amendment in this country, tightly networked with the same people who have destroyed the economy for profit.  See the links on torture in the reference section.

Border Crisis: The Crocodile Tears of the Empire

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