Book: Don’t Do Drugs, Stay Out of School

The title should have been “Don’t Do Government Drugs, Stay Out of Government School”.  In any case:

A simply stated and important message to parents, Don’t Do Drugs Stay Out Of School challenges folks everywhere to rethink the necessity of conventional schooling.  Probing questions explore the concepts of learning and childhood development and offer the suggestion that perhaps a life without school is healthier for children and thus for the world.

Is learning the real purpose of school?  Does school offer true educational value?  Is there a better way?  How can children learn and grow without school in their lives?  How has the school culture affected society in the last hundred years?  These important questions and more are explored in Don’t Do Drugs Stay Out Of SchoolView Sample

See the “underground history of american education” in the ref section.  Government schools, like government drugs, are a corporate social engineering operation.  They are both working as designed.

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