12-22-2012 A NEW HOPE by Kerth Barker

With the advent of the Aquarian Age there is a new hope for humanity. There is a single scientific principle that will become the foundation for this new age. Quantum physics shows that through the strange principle of nonlocality all human beings are literally connected to one another on a subconscious level of mind. Newtonian mechanics may define the relationship of objects on a classical level of physics–but on the subatomic level, entangled quantum particles directly influence one another without any intervening mechanism. Distance makes no difference. This is the principle that explains Carl Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious. Experiments with identical twins and pairs of persons in deep meditation demonstrate controllable biological Quantum Nonlocality–in plain language–automatic telepathy. Not only is it possible that all human beings are connected on a subconscious level of mind–it is impossible for it to be otherwise. What this means is that it is to everyone’s advantage that all humanity be happy, healthy and free. The oppressor only oppresses himself. If you were to kill millions of people you would feel the trauma of their deaths. If you terrorize humanity, you terrorize yourself on a deep emotional level. If you enslave humanity, you enslave yourself. If you create mass starvation, you cause yourself to suffer in some way. But if you enlighten, liberate and empower others, you will be enlightened, liberated and empowered. This idea isn’t mysticism–it’s hard science. And the widespread teaching of this scientific principle is what will transform civilization.