understanding 12-21-2021

It is a well known fact that the global elite, New World Order, Nazis, Luciferians, or Illuminati are believers in the occult. Astrotheology predates luciferianism but has been embraced by them. Astrology is an occult belief. You need not believe that 12-21-2012 is a date of mystical power, you only need to understand that many powerful leaders around the world in secret societies believe that this 2012 winter solstice is a day of occult power. To someone who believes in the occult and justifies criminal acts through occultic thinking, this date of 12-21-2012 is an ultimate day of occult power. The age of Aquarius begins, the Maya calendar ends. The Sun, Earth and Galactic center align. A 26,000 year precessional cycle of the Zodiac is complete. If you believe in Satanism, this would be a day for starting wars, false flag operations, human sacrifice, betrayal of friends, the murder of enemies and the inception of evil plans. But not everything about this date suggests that evil will prevail. There are those who see this date as the end of an age of materialism and egocentric thinking and the beginning of an age of spirituality and love. If you are trying to defeat the oppressive New World Order you might want to be prepared. If you are in the Illuminati, you might want to watch your back because this is a time when high ranking Illuminati leaders will be willing to sacrifice even their loyal followers. However, I am not encouraging fear only a higher level of awareness. This is also a time to be open to an experience of enlightenment. There is a movie you might find useful at this time. It’s available on youtube. It’s called esoteric agenda-full length movie-welcome to your awakening. It may help you or others you know put the significance of this date into perspective. Kerth

Nichols Says OKC Bombing Was an FBI Operation

The only surviving convicted criminal in the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City is saying his co-conspirator, Timothy McVeigh, told him he was taking orders from a top FBI official in orchestrating the bombing.

A declaration from Terry Lynn Nichols, filed in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City, has proven to be one of the most detailed confessions by Nichols to date about his involvement in the bombing as well as the involvement of others. However, one congressman who has investigated the bombings remains skeptical of Nichols’ claims. …


Also see “OKC Bombing: What you’re not supposed to know” in the reference section.  Obviously this was also a media propaganda operation.  Who controls both the media and the FBI?  The people who can afford to.

Uncle Sam and Pol Pot

The US not only helped create conditions that brought Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge to power in 1975, but actively supported the genocidal force, politically and financially. By January 1980, the US was secretly funding Pol Pot’s exiled forces on the Thai border. The extent of this support-$85 million from 1980 to 1986-was revealed six years later in correspondence between congressional lawyer Jonathan Winer, then counsel to Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation. Winer said the information had come from the Congressional Research Service (CRS). When copies of his letter were circulated, the Reagan administration was furious. Then, without adequately explaining why, Winer repudiated the statistics, while not disputing that they had come from the CRS. In a second letter to Noam Chomsky, however, Winer repeated the original charge, which, he confirmed to me, was “absolutely correct.” Washington also backed the Khmer Rouge through the United Nations, which provided Pol Pot’s vehicle of return. Although the Khmer Rouge government ceased to exist in January 1979, when the Vietnamese army drove it out, its representatives continued to occupy Cambodia’s UN seat. Their right to do so was defended and promoted by Washington as an extension of the Cold War, as a mechanism for US revenge on Vietnam, and as part of its new alliance with China (Pol Pot’s principal underwriter and Vietnam’s ancient foe). In 1981, President Carter’s national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, said, “I encouraged the Chinese to support Pol Pot.” The US, he added, “winked publicly” as China sent arms to the Khmer Rouge through Thailand. …


12, 21, 2012 and human sacrifice

I am writing this a few days before the winter solstice of 2012. Traditionally in paganism and the Illuminati this is a time associated with human sacrifice. But this year is the ultimate Winter Solstice because of the Galactic Alignment which takes place. Astrotheology predates the Illuminati but is embraced by them. Not only does the Maya calendar end, this marks the end of a cycle of precession which is a 26,000 year long cycle. It’s well documented that like the nazis the illuminati are obsessed with the occult and this date is the ultimate occult day of power. It is the end of one great age and the beginning of a new one. This means that the Illuminati may commit acts of human sacrifice at levels never seen before. This could mean a major false flag action during the Xmas season. They may sacrifice some of their own members and people they see as enemies of the Illuminati. Be prepared, so says Kerth.

The Nazis Who Control the US National Security State

Several recently declassified US military training manuals show how US agents taught repressive techniques and promoted the violation of human rights throughout Latin America and around the globe. The manuals provide the paper trail that proves how the US trained Latin American and other militaries to infiltrate and spy upon civilians and groups, including unions, political parties, and student and charitable organizations; to treat legal political opposition like armed insurgencies; and to circumvent laws on due  process, arrest, and detention. In these how-to guides, the US advocates tactics such as executing guerrillas, blackmail, false imprisonment, physical abuse, using truth serum to obtain information, and paying bounties for enemy dead. Counterintelligence agents are advised that one of their functions is “recommending targets for neutralization,” a euphemism for execution or destruction. …


These are the people who are waiting for the end of the second amendment in this country, tightly networked with the same people who have destroyed the economy for profit.  See the links on torture in the reference section.

Border Crisis: The Crocodile Tears of the Empire

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