The date 12-21-2012 may have been overhyped but nonetheless there is something to it. There is an astrological cycle known as precession; which covers a nearly 26,000 year period. Every ancient civilization around the world recognized it. The Maya divided this cycle into five sections, in the Western world it is divided into 12 sections covering the Zodiac. It is the end of an age that has lasted more than two thousand years, and with its end begins the Age of Aquarius. At this time the Earth, sun, and galactic center align with the 13th constellation known as the snake handler. All this happening on Winter Solstice 2012. If you believe in Astrotheology you can’t ignore this unique date. And the most powerful leaders of the global elite all do believe in a form of astrology. Important global events are planned according to astrology–from 9/11 to the Iraq War’s shock and awe. And this day, and the days that follow are the ultimate period for creating global change. High ranking Illuminati leaders are likely to betray one another in positioning for power. They are likely to sacrifice their loyal followers in order to appease powerful rivals. Enemies will be targeted. Luciferian blood rituals performed in private. False flag operations and psy-ops may be planned around this time. But there may also be a positive aspect to this. Change doesn’t have to be negative. True insiders know that this really a time of choice. A time when it is possible to align to positive spiritual forces. This is a time for heart-centered prayer and love-based meditation. Fear can be rejected. This is a time to consider new possibilities and new ways of doing things. There is a movie available on the internet that explores some of the philosophical aspects relating to this. YOUTUBE- KYMATICA- FULL LENGTH MOVIE.

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