The North American Genocide In Progress

This is just one way in which the zombie government in washington is sowing the seeds for mass disease and premature death in the united states.   Those who have no time or ability to second-guess the “guidance” of the FDA, USDA, CDC, AMA, AAP and the other alphabet soup “authorities”, or who can’t afford real food, are being subjected to state-mediated culling by blindly accepting the safety of what they find at grocery store or in the doctor’s office.

A similar process has been underway in africa for years via the WHO, which has instituted but inadequately funded a series of mass vaccination campaigns, with the result that unsterilized needles are being reused many times, greatly exacerbating the HIV epidemic there.  (see the footnotes in my circumcision paper).  And which demographic is most affected?  Those who rely on charity for their medical care.

Another example is the vaccination industry in the US, which until recently used mercury preservative in bulk multi-dose vials but not in individualized doses (this is still the case with flu vaccine).  The result: poorer kids who are more likely to be vaccinated from multi-dose vials are getting brain damaged more often than richer kids.

The anonymous government and corporate bureaucrats who decide such minutiae as how many sterile syringes to buy for africa or which vaccine packages contain mercury have created a needless gradient in medical and food safety in which poorer people are more likely to suffer adverse consequences than richer people.  It’s a more probabilistic approach than death camps, but it aims at the same demographics historically targetted by eugenicists, by using education and income as proxies for genetic fitness.   And it has the advantage of plausible deniability of intent to do harm.  Yet it’s not rocket science to see that distributing fewer sterile needles than are needed for a given vaccination campaign will result in the reuse of dirty needles.  The WHO’s own advisors warned them of this, but to no avail.   Incredibly, there’s good reason to believe that unprotected sex is far surpassed by dirty vaccination needles as the primary vector for HIV infection in africa (see my MGM paper).

This is the face of modern eugenics.

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