Texas Case Raises Troubling Questions About ATF Gunwalking

A series of criminal investigations initiated some four years ago by ATF agents, all focused on a weapons-trafficking ring in South Texas, appear to shred the long-running talking point that the Obama Administration alone is responsible for unleashing an irresponsible operation that allowed thousands of illegally purchased guns to be trafficked into Mexico via a tactic known as “gunwalking.”

That Obama Administration operation, dubbed Fast and Furious, was launched in the fall of 2009 and terminated in early 2011 in the wake of a Republican-led Congressional probe into the program.

The ATF investigations in the South Texas case were initiated at least by August 2008, more than a year prior to Fast and Furious and while President George W. Bush was still in office. It was under the Obama Administration, in late December 2011, that the investigations were finally closed with a jury conviction of the primary suspect.

The South Texas case, then, straddles two administrations and, by any reasonable assessment, also appears to have allowed numerous illegally purchased guns to “walk” (to pass through the weapons-trafficking chain, from one illegal buyer to the next, during the course of a long-running ATF investigation).

The South Texas arms-trafficking case casts a whole new light on the gunwalking controversy, revealing it to be a tactic employed by ATF and sanctioned by US prosecutors across multiple administrations and states — a tactic that is more emblematic of a drug war-induced systemic rot in this nation’s judicial system than of a political ploy to erode gun rights. …


I disagree with the last statement.  The “drug war” has multiple payoffs for the perpetrators.  Eliminating the 2nd amendment would certainly be near the top of the list.

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