Pentagon Working with Blackwater on its Opium Operation in Afghanistan

Pentagon Wants to Keep Running Its Afghan Drug War From Blackwater’s HQ

21 Nov 2012

Inside a compound in Kabul called Camp Integrity [sic], the Pentagon stations a small group of officers to oversee the U.S. military’s various operations to ‘curb’ the spread of Afghanistan’s cash crops of heroin and marijuana, which help line the CIA’s pockets [and prop up wall street and the dollar, and undermine disadvantaged populations around the world including in the US, and finance covert operations which have no congressional approval and god knows what else]. Only Camp Integrity isn’t a U.S. military base at all. It’s the 10-acre Afghanistan headquarters of the private security company formerly known as Blackwater. Those officers work for an obscure Pentagon agency called the Counter Narco-Terrorism Program Office, or CNTPO. Quietly, it’s grown into one of the biggest dispensers of cash for private security contractors in the entire U.S. government: One pile of contracts last year from CNTPO was worth more than $3 billion. And it sees a future for itself in Afghanistan over the long haul… When all the options are exercised, the contract extends through September 29, 2015, over a year past the date when Afghan soldiers and cops are supposed to take over the war. And the “government preferred location” to base CNTPO? Camp Integrity.

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