Infamous Endorsement of Anthrax Vaccine for Children

On Friday, October 28, the National Biodefense Science Board (NBSB), a government-appointed panel of “experts” voted its approval (12 to 1) for the government to proceed with an unconscionable medical experiment that would expose healthy US children to the risks of the anthrax vaccine, a vaccine which offers absolutely no direct benefit, but whose risks include serious adverse reactions such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome,  neurological disorders, disability and death.

The list of NBSB members  who voted to endorse the experiment (under the guise of “protecting children”) as well as the ex-officio government agency officials who concurred, is posted at:

The Alliance for Human Research Protection wrote a letter to the Secretary of Health and Human Services (in June, 2011) outlining our concerns about this radical experiment, which clearly deviates from the precautionary principle in medicine and federal research ethics regulations. See:

Under US regulations (45 CFR 46, Subpart D) children may not be exposed to risk if a medical experiment does not offer them a direct benefit.

Don’t be misled by government propaganda about the risk of an anthrax attack– a myth perpetuated by the media:

  • Anthrax is NOT CONTAGIOUS–it cannot be spread from person to person.
  • Anthrax has never posed a threat to the general public; the only people at risk are research laboratory staff who handle anthrax bacteria.
  • The Center for Disease Control, until recently, recommended vaccination “only for those at high risk, such as workers in research laboratories that handle anthrax bacteria routinely.”
  • The current FDA label (2008) states: “the vaccine is licensed for use only in adults between the ages of 18 and 65, who are at high risk for exposure to anthrax bacteria.”

The NBSB recommendation was made despite its own report acknowledging that:

“Currently, U.S. children are not at immediate risk from anthrax and would not benefit directly from pre-event AVA [anthrax vaccine] administration.”

“There is no known benefit to vaccinating children in the absence of an imminent threat from exposure to B. anthracis other than potential future benefit.”

Their justification is without substance, relying on a hypothetical, highly exaggerated risk from an unlikely event:

“Preparation for a national and potentially global threat from the use of B. anthracis spores by terrorists is a major priority for U.S. national security.”

The real irony and insult here is that the anthrax spores originated from a US bioweapons lab, were accompanied by letters which served to frame arabs for the act, the attack occurred in conjunction with a known false flag (9/11 of course) which also framed arabs, the FBI has no explanation for why the official fall guy wanted to frame them, and he was conveniently suicided shortly before his planned arrest.  And who was targetted in congress?  The main obstacles to the passage of the patriot act.   What a coincidence.

Here’s a good writeup on it:

Also see “Reconnecting the anthrax attacks to 9/11: Study of staged terror and aborted state propaganda” in the reference section.

Really, is there anyone left who believes the official narrative?  Is it really necessary to pretend that this “government” is concerned with your children’s welfare?   They’ve already destroyed the economy, what more proof do you need?

Do you think that if you keep your head down they’ll leave you alone?  They CAN’T leave you alone.   Your very existence is a threat to their empire of lies.  Right now they are paper tigers, their sole source of power is their willingness to lie to you in your face while they pick your pocket and abuse your kids.  But if they manage to truely take over, they won’t have to lie any more.  They’ll simply murder whoever they wish, whenever they wish, with the same impunity they enjoy in places like pakistan and iraq.

This is not a movie.  Suspension of disbelief is not useful in the present context.  Like FDR said, the only thing to fear is fear itself.  It’s a choice between crawling on your hands and knees or standing up and walking.  The initial effort is a little more, but it’s miniscule compared to the payoff.

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