Hurricane Sandy: FEMA Is Not A Disaster Relief Agency

It’s primarily a continuity of government agency.  It’s there to ensure the government stays in control no matter what.

FEMA knew for at least a week, as we all did, that this hurricane could be devastating, that millions could end up without power or basic necessities, and that a large portion of those people left in Sandy’s wake would be woefully unprepared and relying on the agency to come in and save them.

In reality, FEMA knew for over seven years what Sandy could do; if anything, Hurricane Katrina should have taught the agency a thing or two about preparation and providing disaster relief following a major hurricane.

In the 72 hours after Sandy ravaged the coast literally leaving millions in the dark without electricity, stories of unfolding social collapse spread, from martial law being declared in one New Jersey town, to state troopers being called in to monitor violence over the last remaining fuel at gas stations, to New York deploying over a thousand National Guard troops to prevent looting.

While FEMA’s official Sandy webpage declares the “Federal Family” is continuing to “lean forward” to support response efforts (not coincidentally a throwback to Obama’s presidential campaign slogan), reports have come out that the agency is completely failing to live up to its promises yet again.

FEMA’s website alludes to supplies stored up across the country in case of a catastrophe. We know FEMA used taxpayer money to buy up $1 billion in storable food in 2011, for example. The presumption is this food would be used to provide relief to American disaster victims should the need arise.

Apparently FEMA’s food supply went elsewhere. While reports are coming out of unprepared, starving people actually dumpster diving in New York in Sandy’s wake, why are we just now seeing not one, but three FEMA solicitation requests on the website (here, here, and here) for a total of 4 million meals ready-to-eat to be delivered to New York and New Jersey this coming week?

The hurricane hit on Tuesday and the first solicitation for food didn’t even get posted until Friday, with the other two posted yesterday. In addition, why is Breitbart reporting that FEMA solicited for 2.3 million gallons of bottled water for which bidding was not set to close until November 3rd?

Sadly, Sandy is turning into Katrina 2.0 and FEMA has zero excuse for its grand failure redux. …

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