Greek Geoengineering Protest Movement

On the morning of Tuesday 23rd October the Attica Action Group conducted a protest demonstration outside the Ministry of National Defence…..against chemtrails aerial spraying.

The demonstrators took up position at 7 a.m. outside the Pentagon and submitted a protest resolution to the Ministry of National Defence, addressed to the head of the General Staff of National Defence Michalis Kostarakos and to the three heads of the divisional general staffs and expecting answers.

According to the Attica Action Group chemical spraying is being carried out every day in Greece but also in the whole world. “This act of genocide against humanity as a whole is not going to stop without our action. Without the action of all of us. We have a right and an obligation towards ourselves and our children to live under skies that are clean. Activists and ecological organizations are compiling data and filing litigation, pressuring their governments everywhere in the world.

We too therefore cannot afford to remain indifferent in the face of a crime against humanity and against the environment,” it says, among other things, in their declaration.

Nevertheless, the General Staff of the Air Force has already taken a position, and indeed through a declaration of its own. Last May it stated unequivocally that “no flights for spraying chemical substances are taking place over Greek territory.” …

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