GMO Technocrats Know Not What They Do

Any practicing scientist with half an uncompromised brain would be embarrassed at this scientist’s arrogance and stupidity.  He obviously knows nothing and cares less about what is far-and-away the most ecologically destructive aspect of “civilization”: the debt based and privately controlled monetary system, awareness of which raises important questions about the earth’s real carrying capacity.   His paycheck comes directly or indirectly from the corporations whose owners are profiting from the destruction of the planet.  It just goes to show an advanced degree in bioscience confers precisely that and nothing more.  He is a cog who thinks he understands the machine.  And he has counterparts in all the relevant fields: economics, medicine, military, physics etc.  It’s a fascinating experiment in the systemic effect of tweaking a foundational variable of economic self-organization.  Unfortunately we may not survive the experiment.

One thought on “GMO Technocrats Know Not What They Do”

  1. Well said.
    If I might add:

    “Civilization” is the result of mother natures experiment with human consciousness. As you say, we may not survive the experiment. Actually the vast majority of species that at one time roamed the Earth (95% plus) are now extinct. I suppose Humans will likely suffer the same fate. Depressing.

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