Crash JPM – Buy Silver

Max Keiser observes the second anniversary of his Crash JPMorgan crusade with a review of the fundamental issues at play and developments over the past two years. JPM has doubled its short positions by two, from $8 billion to over $18 billion, and continues its manipulation schemes. Interviews with Rob Kirby and James Turk

Even today at $32/oz. silver is seriously undervalued. Make silver a part of your wealth preservation strategy, and poke Jamie Dimon in the eye at the same time. This is a good time for those new to precious metals to get in. There’s good info at dealers and among others. I buy my silver at , a straightforward site for buying or trading coins or bullion. Develop a relationship with your local coin dealer, troll e-Bay for people selling old Aunt Martha’s silver dollars, get educated, get in. (Do NOT get suckered into buying collector coins, you just want silver)

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