Bradley Manning Tortured into Guilty Plea

Oh yeah, I forgot, the USA doesn’t torture.  We have a bill of rights, due process, transparency, rule of law, checks and balances …. well, no, sorry, there’s no point in pretending, it’s just not true.  We live under a secret fascist dictatorship which has long wrapped itself in those words and relies on the masses’ willing blindness to the reality of what has been slowly happening all around them.

Corruption is a systems thing, it happens when motive and means come together in the same institution, whether through visible or invisible processes.  It is based on conspiracies (get used to it) and it creates stable patterns which outlive individual participants and eventually network together into a collectively autocatalytic monster which is actually composed of the very entities that it oppresses.  This is the nature of emergence.  This is science and any scientist worth his or her salt can understand this if they take off their skinner boxes long enough to think about it.

Likewise for progressives, who believe in big government as a tool of the masses.  Great in theory but it just doesn’t hold up in reality.  The closest human achievement was the separation of powers that used to exist here but has now fallen to the money power.  I used to be a progressive.  I thought that the atrocities the US was committing in latin america in the 80’s was an aberration that would eventually be exposed, the perpetrators subject to sanction and the ship of state set back on course.  I had no knowledge of history, of the transnational oligarchy that rules behind the scenes and its intimate relationship with the rise of hitler, eugenics and malthusianism.  Now the death squads of the 80’s have been globalized and are being imported into the domestic arena while the vast majority of people remain in a comfortable slumber.  And it will get much worse.  The system is fatally corrupt and decentralization of power via the 10th (and possibly even the 2nd) amendment is our only hope if we want to avoid the mass genocide which is already occurring under most people’s radar.

Statism is the religion of technocrats, it fulfills the psychological requirements of a religion while clothing itself in rationality and humanity, and it puts food on the table.  All of these things have been true of every religion throughout the ages, if “rationality” is seen as the state of the science of the day.  But the thing is, science has now achieved the ability to understand the dynamics that create these structures and their metaphors in the biological realm, so that even embedded technocrats can see their own role in it and in their own oppression.  At least in theory 🙂

Their meta-education could start with an awareness of the neurological, psychological and mass sociological effects of male circumcision.   Men in this country have paid a heavy price for being loyal subjects of the empire.  Women too, when you consider obstetrical abuse.

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